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Wheels for Ryan - Fundraising Update

Last issue, we published a feature on the amazing ‘Wheels for Ryan’ fundraiser which was started in the local community- we caught up with Suzanne Mann to hear about the outcome.

When we first started out we truly thought $40,000 would get us to our goal but we came up against a lot of hurdles. In the end we needed about $75,000 to get a vehicle that was truly appropriate and gave Ryan all the bells and whistles he needed - we realised that we needed a Mercedes Sprinter. We truly pulled out all stops and we’re only able to reach our goal using numerous angles, and building a network of compassion among local businesses/community members. We even had Mercedes Benz Castle Hill on board who reduced the price for us and helped with all of the modifications we needed.

Most notably, our My Cause page raised over 34k, and another local father, Greg Johnson, was able to raise over $25,000 through his own My Cause by riding the elevation of Everest in ONE DAY on a street near where he lives in Wahroonga.

We have to give special mention to the Lions Club Hornsby who made the final, incredible donation that allowed us to push over the line and purchase the Van within 4 months of our original meeting with Ryan and his family. It took a month for the car to be converted and before school finished for 2020, the Kim Family were able to drive Ryan to and from school, giving him the freedom and independence every 10 year old deserves.

Unfortunately, we can never cure Ryan but we can ALWAYS CHOOSE to make a difference in someone’s life. It isn’t always by money. Sometimes it's by time, spreading the word or simply listening. I feel we showed Ryan true love and we showed all of our children how together we can all make a difference.

Thank you to all of the incredibly generous local community members and businesses that supported us!


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