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Our magazines have a 95% pick up rate. Each time we release, we have some venue move more than 500 copies in a single weekend.


This shouldn't be a surprise.  As people work from home more, interest in local services and events is surging. Research shows advertising in hyper-local publications has a high return because community magazines are widely read, and residents want to support local businesses.


We use a consultative approach to learn your unique business goals. We then apply our local knowledge and marketing expertise to create a plan for your success. This could include featuring your company in community news, social and business profiles, promoting events, adding to local directories + listicles, and more.

Neighbourhood Media publishes quarterly magazines for a growing number of Sydney suburbs - physical magazines, e-magazines, website and social media. Follow us on Social Media for upcoming releases




If you're interested in advertising with us, please fill out this form and one of our team will be in touch.

display advertising 

High-impact print advertising is a great way to get recognised by a highly engaged, geographically targeted audience. Through our trusted online, social media and physical platforms, you can content you brand to an established sense of community to build loyalty and recognition among our readers.


We offer advertising opportunities to suit a variety of budgets and businesses, as well as discounted for multiple issue bookings. We have an in-house Graphic Design team who is happy to assist with design free of charge. 

sponsored content

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Our Sponsored Content campaigns include coverage across all of our Media Platforms and are ideal for businesses wanting to tell the story behind their brands and products.

Capture the readers eye with a bright, high-impact display advertisement, and follow this up with an in-depth content piece that will further educate and engage. Your print content will be expertly laid out and sent for pre-approval before publish. 

Alongside this print coverage, your content will also run online as a standalone feature article, including hi-res imagery and links. Then, this piece will be amplified via our Social Media platforms.

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Our platforms

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"Be in it, and be part of the community."
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