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Nancy, The Face of St Ives Nextra

If you’re a St Ives Local, or a regular to the St Ives Shopping Village, chances are you recognise Nancy! She has been a fixture at the Nextra Newsagents for over 45 years. She sat down with Neighbourhood Media to talk about her impressive career and life in St Ives.

How long have you officially been at Nextra?

I’ve been with the current owners for over 30 years, and I also worked for the two

owners prior to that. All up, I’ve been at Nextra for about 45 years!

What was your first role at the shop? Tell us about it.

I started as a Store Clerk, mainly serving customers as well as keeping on top of

stock levels/ordering new stock. I was also in charge of all of the card categories -

a very important part of a newsagency!

What is your favourite thing about being a part of the St Ives community?

Everybody is just so friendly. It’s lovely to be part of such a warm and welcoming

community and it really makes a difference to my day-to-day life. I’ve been a St Ives

local my entire life and absolutely love to both live and work here.

St Ives Shopping Village has changed a lot over the years. What are some of your favourite updates?

I’ve seen plenty of changes in my time here, including the large expansion in the 90’s

and the addition of some great new shops in recent years (Archie’s Cafe, Mrs Jones the

Baker). I also enjoy catching up with friends and locals at the many cafes around the

centre — my favourite is probably Milligram. I also really enjoy the shopping experience

at St Ives Village, you’ll often spot me here on my days off.

Can you think of any memorable moments over your years at Nextra?

Celebrating the Shopping Centre’s 60th Birthday a few years ago. It was fantastic

to catch up with many old and current retailers, management and centre staff.

Nextra has a heap to offer, what would be your favourite product?

We have a great gift range which I enjoy browsing for presents for friends and

family. I particularly like our many gorgeous scented candles, diffusers and hand


Nextra Newsagency

Shop 23 — St Ives Shopping Village 166 Mona Vale Rd, St Ives


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