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Scents-ible advice!

Do you have a friend whose house always seems to smell amazing, despite the 3 kids, 2 dogs and hustling husband?! We’ve got some simple hints on how to achieve it and neutralise pungent pongs - check out the hacks below to keep your space smelling sensational.

Use Vinegar Vinegar is great for cleaning and deodorizing the kitchen. Simmer white vinegar on a stove awhile. When cooled, pour vinegar into a sealed plastic container and puncture the lid with multiple holes. Place the container in the corner of a whiffy room and it will slowly absorb unpleasant odours.

Don’t Waste Lemons

Pop spent lemons in a big stock pot full of water and simmer low and slow for a few hours. Not only is the smell amazing, it’s a great way to repurpose the waste!

Refrigerator Refresher

Clean shelves and drawers with baking soda diluted in warm water, then wipe with diluted white vinegar. To prevent future odors, soak a few cotton balls in vanilla extract and place on a small tray at the back, or an open box of baking soda (replace when they dry out).

Garbage Bin Stench Reducer

After scrubbing clean a pungent garbage bin, before you put in a new garbage bag neutralise future stenches by scattering kitty litter crystals with either a few lemon/orange peels, a handful of baking soda, or used coffee grounds.

Beware, baking soda corrodes steel, so for metal trash cans pour soda powder into a paper coffee filter and tie it up with a rubber band.

Dishy Dish Washer

If your dishwasher is funky, remove and rinse the filter, then pour two cups distilled white vinegar into the machine (not the detergent holder). Run machine awhile through a hot water cycle, but pause it midway and leave to stand for 30mins so the vinegar has time to dissolve and neutralise odorous food scraps. Then turn back on and complete cycle.

Invest in Good Candles

You can never replicate the aroma of a good candle - burn time is longer and with natural, high-quality ingredients the candles have more impact. Palm Beach Collection have just released an exclusive, premium, small-batch range: Sandalwood, Hemp or Rooftop Gardens


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