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Pets of 2075 - Issue #8

Bluey - This little pup is just under 12 months old and is a very happy and social boy. Being a Border Collie, he loves fetching balls and is already a pro. He also loves spending time with any and everybody. He is very friendly and greets new friends with a big tail wag. When he’s not being social, you can find him chewing a bone, and when he can find one - a shoe!

George and Jenna - Two peas in a pod, these pussycats are the best of friends. Jenna is the sleek tabby, she is very bold and curious about her surroundings. George, the big fluffy boy, resides on the shyer, more reserved side. They are both very serious about the laundry, and will need to supervise any household ironing, from the ironing board. They are both inside cats to keep the local wildlife safe, but they have a great balcony where they spend lots of time watching the world go by.

Sandy - Sandy is one of the newer members to St Ives, she is little sister to Echo, who we featured back in Issue #1 when he was just a puppy. They are quite a striking pair - both being tan and white border collies. Sandy is a lot more mischievous then her big brother, she loves wrestling, jumping, and chewing on his tail when he isn’t looking.


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