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Lisa Novak - Real Estate Social Media Celebrity

Lisa Novak is no stranger to the real estate industry, but it wasn’t until 3 years ago at the age of 46 that she moved into the sales team at Novak Properties and made her mark shooting to fame and being awarded Australia’s Most Innovative Person in Real Estate in 2020.

Lisa saw a massive gap in the industry where social media was being underutilised, or simply “not being used for the right reasons” she says, which led her to develop her own style of real estate sales and marketing.

She found that many sellers didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on testing the market for their property and wanted to give them an option to gain confidence without any initial outlay.

Using her own social media channels, she developed her $0 Marketing Strategy.

This strategy allows sellers to showcase their property on her social media pages, rather than going straight to a real estate portal such as Domain or, and without spending any money upfront.

She produces live, raw and authentic video content of the properties she is helping to sell and posts via various channels, such as Instagram and Youtube. There is no fancy lighting or trick photography either, it’s just Lisa with her iPhone, so what you see is what you get.

Her main area of focus is residential properties primarily across the Northern Beaches, selling everything from1 bedroom apartments to luxury multi-million-dollar homes.

Using this strategy, Buyers too, get the opportunity to see what’s available before it hits the market, something that wasn’t available to the general public before. She calls this her Pre-Market Strategy.

So using social media she has created a winning combination for both sellers and buyers.

But it’s not all about selling, and something that has been key to Lisa developing and bringing this strategy to life, is her ability to help people that genuinely need it. In her words,

“Not every seller wants a huge auction style campaign. They have their own set of needs & it’s important as an industry and as agents that we listen to those.

I sold for a lovely vendor once who was terminally ill, given just a few weeks to live. The last thing he wanted was hundreds of buyers coming through his property & an auction campaign that would run for 3-4 weeks.

I sold his property off Facebook for an incredible price within days of launching it. It was incredibly stress free for him & his family.”

Using her two pronged strategy, Lisa has built a massive following across all her social media channels from the Northern Beaches and afar, with nearly 6,000 followers on Instagram, 4,000 on Facebook and over 136,913 views on Youtube.

So where to from here for this ambitious real estate celebrity? Well selling more properties is definitely on the horizon and in her view the Northern Beaches is hot right now as Buyers are looking for a sea and beach change.

“In fact the Northern Beaches is out performing many other markets in Sydney as proximity to the CBD is no longer a key selling point for properties, as people can now work remotely.”

So if you’re in the market for a property in the Northern beaches, its worth jumping online and checking out Lisa’s social media pages. It’s a quick and fast moving industry, but at least you know that with Lisa, you will get first access to the newest properties.


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