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Field and Fin, and Aquaponics

Have you always thought that farming was a regional activity? Aquaponics faming is changing that!

Aquaponics farning by Field and Fin

Field + Fin are challenging the status quo with their inner-city aquaponics farm set to open later this year. The distance from farm to table is about to get a whole lot shorter!

What Is Aquaponics?

“Aquaponics?” We hear you say – aquaponics is a farming strategy whereby nutrient water from fish waste is pumped through – in Field + Fin’s case – vertical gardens, where plants are able to extract their required nutrients.

This leaves behind freshly filtered water that is delivered back to the water critters in a fantastically sustainable farming ecosystem. Any excess waste still floating around in the water is bottled and sold as a natural fertiliser that you can use on your plants at home!


What’s more, aquaponics by Field + Fin uses 95% less water than traditional farming methods. Their online store is set to open within the month - there you will be able to purchase fresh, delicious produce such as relishes, smoked barramundi and freshly grown mushrooms.

Campfire is their onsite kitchen cooking fresh, seasonal produce grown on the farm. Inspired by bush foraging and campfire cooking. They also run “Adventures by Campfire” – arranging international and domestic trips to learn about different ways of growing and preparing food in traditionally sustainable ways. Campfire is also the perfect spot to catch some live music and mingle with the Marrickville community!

roasting fish

Additionally, a percentage of all profits from Field + Fin and Campfire goes to supporting their marine sanctuary in Papua New Guinea.

Keen to know more? Head over to to learn more about their sustainability practices and check out their online store, launching soon!


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