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D’Vine Ivy, Balmain’s Little Taste of Italy

Catching up with D’Vine Ivy owner, Angela Camardi

Owner, manager and chef Angela Camardi does it all at Balmain’s newest Italian hot spot D’Vine Ivy.

With a gorgeous courtyard, excellent home-style cooking and a relaxed atmosphere, Angela has created the perfect space for patrons to unwind and enjoy a delicious meal. Specialising in fresh pasta dishes, pizzas, steaks, chicken, seafood, vegetarian and gluten-free food, there is something for everyone!

We caught up with Angela Camardi to learn more about D’Vine Ivy and her experience opening a new business in Balmain.

What was the inspiration for D’Vine Ivy, and what prompted your love of cooking?

Growing up in an Italian home, my parents always made fresh, hearty meals that tasted amazing. So, I followed in their footsteps and started cooking from the age of 13 at my uncle's Italian restaurant, and now I decided to open up my very own restaurant.

What prompted the decision to revamp the menu so soon after opening?

My decision to change the menu was inspired by my passion of cooking pasta, so I decided to focus on my strength and make the most amazing pasta dishes Balmain have ever tasted.

What are you most excited about for the restaurant?

I’m most excited to let people experience my new pasta menu, which has unique flavours and original recipes.

D’Vine Ivy seems to be a family affair with you, Angela, cooking up incredible pasta and your daughter on desserts. How have you found blending family and business?

Opening up any restaurant is always a challenge, but being able to come together as a family makes it so worth it.

You’ve shared online that you enjoy experimenting with new flavours in your pasta creations. What are some of the unique flavour combinations you’re most proud of, and what is a favourite amongst your customers?

I’ve created “Angie’s Special Sauce” which is packed with flavour and one of my main recommendations I recommend to customers, and everyone who has tried it loved it. It’s definitely Balmain's best-kept secret.

What sets D’Vine ivy apart from other local eateries?

The overall atmosphere of the cafe has a beautiful front eating area followed by a D’Vine outdoor courtyard with a lot of greenery. We are also dog friendly, and our place is somewhere where people can come and relax and take their minds off things.

How has the response to D’Vine Ivy been from locals so far?

Very supportive; everyone is very patient and encouraging. The Balmain community is made up of beautiful, inspiring people.

What’s next for D’Vine Ivy?

Would love to expand or franchise into different areas so that other people can experience my delicious pasta creations.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

We also do delicious homemade pizzas and amazing sides, and that our staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming. You won’t be disappointed if you eat here, we are also for breakfast seven days a week!

Having only opened in July, D’Vine Ivy is already a local success. To make a booking or find out more, head to

Be sure to visit D’Vine Ivy at 354 Darling Street, Balmain and check it out for yourself!

By Isabella Edwards


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