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Turramurra Scouts score a century!

It’s a big birthday year for the 1st Turramurra Scout Group, but, like so many other celebrations in 2020, they’ll have to postpone the party.

The 1st Turramurra Scout Group turns 100 this year. It’s a significant milestone and the group had planned to mark the occasion with fun and fanfare, however, due to a certain party-spoiling virus, they’ve elected to postpone the celebrations until next year.

The group was founded in 1920 - just 13 years after the creation of the Boy Scouts Movement in the UK.

Obviously, a lot of things have changed over the years. For one thing, both boys and girls can become scouts. Also, the challenges, adventures and activities have broadened in scope, as have the skills and values that are imparted to young scouts.

Joining a scouts group can be beneficial to a child in so many ways. Apart from an array of practical survival skills, kids develop confidence, courage, trust, and leadership. They learn to work in teams and will often make lifelong friends. Scouting teaches them discipline and responsibility, as well as encouraging ambition and rewarding their efforts.

At 1st Turramurra Scouts, there are four divisions available to join or progress through: cubs (ages 8 - 10); scouts (ages 11 - 14); venturers (ages 15 - 17); and rovers (ages 18 - 25).

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