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Transform Your Home with Frenchic Series 1 - Kitchen

We know times are hard, so Neighbourhood Media & Frenchic Paint Australia are bringing you the most cost effective ways to refresh your home, without breaking the bank!

For Series 1, we focus on the hub of the home, the kitchen!

Keeley’s existing kitchen was installed when the house was first built, and was overdue a facelift! The units and doors were still in great condition and quotes to replace the kitchen came in at over $20,000 an expense which really wasn’t needed!

Keeley’s vision was to create an airy, elegant kitchen with hints of timber, Keeley and her husband, Brendan added new handles and it was instantly updated!

Durability was key, which is why Keeley chose Frenchic’s Al Fresco Inside Outside Range, which requires minimal preparation, no priming and no sealing (its all built in!) once cured is as hard as nails, and comes with a 2 year “satisfaction guarantee” The best part is, it has no odour, minimal VOC’s, and is safe to use around children (it even self levels!)

Keeley and her Husband, Brad set about preparing the kitchen, and gave the cupboards a good scrub clean with Sugar Soap, removed the handles and filled the holes, and as the units had a gloss finish they gave a light sand with very fine sandpaper, once washed down with water and dry, they set about painting the doors using the Frenchic Synthetic Oval Brush

Once the first coat had dried, they applied a further coat (no need to sand in between) and the final coat was applied to finish the doors off! They then drilled new holes for the hardware and added a gorgeous stone effect tile to the backsplash to really finish it off!

How much did it cost?

  • 3 Tins – Dazzle Me! 750ml - $147

  • Frenchic Sugar Soap - $8.00

  • Frenchic Synthetic Oval Brush - $24

  • Splashback - $300

TOTAL - $500

Saving a massive $19,500!!!

What Paint Is Best For Kitchen Cabinets?

Apart from the colour you are dreaming of, the best paint to use on kitchen cabinets needs to be both robust and practical.

To minimise the messy, smelly and time-consuming aspect of painting your kitchen, you need a self-priming, self-sealing paint that requires simple surface preparation. For this, the best paint for your kitchen cabinets is Frenchic! Water-based with low VOC content, these paints are a pleasure to use. They are self-priming, self levelling & self sealing! so cut out the need for smelly primers and are low odour themselves.

Both our Al Fresco & Lazy Ranges to have a flat finish, meaning little sheen, so a great for hiding imperfections that glossy surfaces tend to highlight. In addition, Frenchic is extremely robust so will withstand daily use, we even provide a warranty!

Is It Easy To Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

You can paint kitchen cabinets in just THREE easy steps with minimal fuss, equipment and expense. All you need to do is;

  • clean,

  • Scuff Sand, with a. fine sand paper (to provide a key for the paint),

  • apply paint

Find The Best Colour For Your Kitchen

Frenchic Paint is a cost effective way to revamp your kitchen. All our products are self-priming, durable and with minimal VOCs.

There's a kaleidoscopic range of colours available to suit every taste and setting, from classic neutrals to greens, blues and greys. Whatever your preference, we have you covered.

Join us for Series 2 (out in 2075 Issue #8 and 2074 Issue #6) to see the steps to transform your tiles & bathroom!

Head to to arrange your free colour consult and order a Colour chart!


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