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The Fitness Goal Cycle at refreshYOU

Accountability is the key to success in achieving your fitness goals.

According to David Bowman, Coach and Head Trainer at refreshYOU, ‘accountability’ is the number one thing you must include when you decide to “get fit”.

According to David, there are numerous studies to support the importance of accountability when it comes to achieving your goals. In fact, there are many case studies to show that the most highly successful people and leaders all have accountability coaches in some format.

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David says;

The benefits of accountability include:

Accelerates your performance.

By working with a wellness/fitness coach you can iron out the kinks in your plan and develop a sure-fire winning strategy that you can execute knowingly with confidence.

Helps you measure your success and progress.

A good coach will help you define what success looks like and will help you set milestones to measure your progress along the way.

Keeps you engaged.

There are things that will come up that will distract you from achieving your goals and take you off course. Knowing that your coach is there to track your progress will keep you going to the finish line.

Keeps you responsible.

When you work with someone who pushes you to make a change and holds you accountable for your actions each week, you will also begin to recognise your progress and know that you are ultimately responsible for these outcomes.

Confirms your thoughts and ideas.

You can silence your inner critic and bounce your ideas off someone else. They can help you make sound decisions and give you constructive advice.

So, how do you get yourself an accountability coach?

Accountability coaches come in many forms and can include hiring a personal trainer, joining a gym, engaging a nutritionist or even simply finding a relative or friend who can help you stay motivated and on track towards achieving your goals. They need to be someone within your circle of influence, that you can confide in.

According to David, creating and establishing accountability doesn't need to be a long-drawn-out process either. He suggests by following 3 simple steps you can be on your way. Step 1 is to find a purpose partner to keep you accountable, step 2 is becoming personally accountable for your success, and finally step 3 is getting a mentor or coach to support your journey.

If you would like to learn more about accountability or refreshYOU, be sure to check out their website or speak with one of their coaches.

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