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FS8 Crows Nest Fitness Studio

Meet Mari, this professional bodybuilder has been the face of FS8 Crows Nest ever since it opened in September 2022.

Trainers at FS8 Crows Nest

When she’s not training for comps or spending time with her precious pup, Odin, she is committed to the FS8 Crows Nest community and teaches classes all week long! Mari is passionate about helping locals step out of their comfort zones to try new ways of working out and achieving their fitness goals. We had a chat with Mari to learn more.

How would you describe FS8 to a new enquirer?

FS8 is a 50-minute class that is a low-impact group fitness and high on results. The room is split into 2 or 3 sections, and we work through timed stations that are displayed on screens, as well as having an experienced instructor coach you through the moves. We combine Pilates, light weights and elements of yoga which results in better posture, core strength, mobility, flexibility, balance and coordination. We can also report a big increase in the quality of everyday life! Members say that they feel stronger, have more energy, are more mobile, experience better sleep and that FS8 is a great mood booster! It's also fantastic for injury rehab and injury prevention.

FS8 is described as being a mix of Pilates, tone, and yoga. What about it makes it more beneficial than traditional Pilates?

Because we combine the three different modalities, our bodies are constantly put under different forms of adaptation. It is a 3-dimensional workout, which means that no body part is left without being challenged, and hence, we start to move better through our kinetic chains

Can you tell us a little bit about the training you do outside of FS8?

I love lifting weights and resistance training, but I also love mobility training and mindful training, as well as CrossFit. I believe movement is medicine and that you should never stick to just one form. Also, I compete in bodybuilding and am currently in preparation for a show this November. This will be my 5th season competing and a new federation for me, so I’m very excited!

How do you feel FS8’s unique approach to fitness benefits the Crows Nest community specifically?

Firstly, we welcome anyone through our doors! We are non-intimidating, non-threatening or pretentious. We cater to every fitness level. Everyone in our studio knows everyone's names - there are amazing friendships being built in our studio!

When you're not at FS8, what do you like to do with your spare time?

I love spending my spare time with my dog Odin, taking him for walks and playing games with him. He's a 2-year-old Groodle with lots of energy! Over the last couple of years, I've gotten into surfing, which I'm terrible at, but its so much fun! It's a great community, and it's great to see more and more women learning to surf. I've also done some really cool surf retreats overseas where I've made lots of new friends.

How has the response to FS8 from the Crows Nest Community been?

The response has blown us away. We work in fitness to help people improve their lives, and with the reviews and feedback we have received about FS8, we are honoured that we are achieving our goal.

What does FS8 Crows Nest do differently?

Our attention to detail. Our genuine care factor of taking care of our community. And having fun! We immensely enjoy delivering the FS8 fitness experience- and you will too!

Do you live locally? Any hot tips on the best coffee/food/date nights? I am a Crows Nest local through and through, being born here! The best coffee is at The Nest café, and best date night venues would have to be either Small Bar, The Hayberry or The Foxtrot

What are the main goals of participants of FS8, and how is FS8 helping them meet their goals?

Our participants have many different goals but the main ones are to improve core and full body strength, move better, relieve back pain, increase flexibility and know they get a great workout without any jolting or jarring impacts on the body.

Is there anything additional that you would like our readers to know about FS8 Crows Nest?

What our members say about us: "I cannot recommend FS8 enough! I joined at a time when ‘regular’ workouts were beginning to bore me. FS8 is the perfect mix of reformer and mat Pilates, incorporating weights to tone the body. The workouts are always different and have allowed me to become a lot stronger. The FS8 community at Crows Nest is very friendly, and the trainers are helpful and encouraging. Join, you won’t regret it!"

To try your hand at FS8 head to to register for a trial class.

You can also stay keep up-to-date with Mari’s bodybuilding and to see all the fantastic things she gets up to at FS8 Crows Nest, by heading to Instagram and follow @fs8_crowsnest_pilates and @mgptfit

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Oct 13, 2023

What an inspiration!. You go girlfriend 💪🏼🙌👊🏻

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