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Tasteology Store is a Foodie’s Heaven

Local, sustainable and beautifully designed products made right in the Sutherland Shire. Visit the Tasteology store or website to find a paradise for those with a finer palette.

By Corina Harvey

Foodie heaven - Seasoning Ingredients from Tasteology

Tasteology is a small family-run store and website selling proprietary products made adn sold in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire. With an extensive product range of flavoured salts, sugars, syrups, olive oils and staple pantry items you will be in foodie heaven.

Their flagship store, located in Cronulla, is designed to be a meeting place for like-minded food lovers to come and taste test products, chat about their latest creations in the kitchen and gain inspiration.

Origins of Tasteology

Tasteology was born when Sara and her partner Nigel combined their passions together. With Sara’s background in homewares and design she wanted to create something that was not only beautifully designed and packaged but something that is also sustainable and locally made.

“I wanted to create something that you could proudly leave out on your kitchen bench and not have to hide away in your cupboards”.

Products and Ingredients from Tasteology in Cronulla

Favourite Tasteology Products

Nigel’s passion for cooking and creating unique flavour combinations sees him in the kitchen for hours creating new recipes and product combinations. The couple stands by their products and use them within their own home each day to elevate the taste of everyday dishes.

“Garlic salt is a staple in our home. I use it as a finishing salt on most dishes”.

Another household favourite is Popcorn Seasoning on avocado toast and eggs and Guacamole Seasoning to make a quick and delicious homemade guac – yum!

The couple shares an abundance of recipes on their website using their unique Tasteology products. Their current favourites are their Lemon Myrtle Syrup to make cocktails and to accompany grilled camembert with bread, grapes and truffle oil.

Guacamole seasoning from Tasteology

Tasteology prides itself on using sustainability in its designs. For example, they use high-quality glass bottles with an adjustable ceramic grinder, allowing you to choose the size of the granules. The quality allows the bottle to be refilled time and time again without becoming blunt. And where possible, they keep production and sourcing of ingredients to local, family-owned growers.

An example of this is their Rock Salt which is sustainably sourced from the Great Barrier Reef using a solely natural and manual shattering process. Firstly, the water is trapped and allowed to evaporate naturally from the sun. The salt flake shards are then collected and broken into crystals to create the salt. This ensures that it goes through a natural process that has no preservatives, additives or artificial flavouring oils. An added benefit of this process is that the taste you are getting comes straight from the herbs that are added to the salt making it a completely natural product.

Foodie products from Tasteology in Cronulla

Another example of the sustainable nature of their products is the flavoured cane sugars that are grown and harvested in the Northern Rivers of NSW. The cane growers are generational farmers who grow, harvest, and refine their sugars using a certified sustainable practice. The bi-products that are produced during the process are used as fuel to power the mill and any impurities that are extracted are used as fertiliser that goes back into the land.

There are many reasons to visit Tasteology. And you can rest assured that you are supporting the planet and local farmers at the same time. Tasteology offers in-store and online shopping and also has a range of stockists around the country.

So, whether you’re in need of inspiration to jazz up some everyday dishes, fun and exciting flavours for your next dinner party or you’re on the hunt for a beautiful, bespoke gourmet gift box for a loved one, visit Sara and Nigel at Tastelogy.


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