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Cronulla Beer, Brewing in the Shire

Take the germ of an idea, throw it into a copper vat with some hops, add passion and dedication, then keep improving it until it’s just right and what you get is a golden, local brew called Cronulla Beer.

It all began in December 2019, when good mates Adam Goode and Daniel Wagstaff wanted to capture the freshness of the ocean and joy of beach life in a can. So they founded Cronulla Beer Co.

Founders of Cronulla Beer

“Breweries are the happiest places on earth! We all love beer,” declares Adam, “and we love our home town and feel it deserves an experiential location to showcase handcrafted beer that our community can be proud of.”

When the swell of their idea started cresting, the two founders called in more mates - Chad Townsend from the Cronulla Sharks and Tim Frawley (Head Brewer) - to help out.

Within ten months they had set up a backyard brewery and had their flagship tinny ready to go. Next Level XPA made its debut in October 2020.

“It’s a refreshing and flavoursome easy drinker, perfect for any occasion,” says Adam, describing the new beer. “Light in colour but not in taste. Low in bitterness but not in character. Built from a simple but satisfying malt bill and topped off with a treble of tasty hops.”

The locals have given it two thumbs up, with many venues, retailers and outlets in the area stocking it on shelves and on-tap.

Cronulla Beer keg

“From what is known as, largely, pretty classic domestic lager-drinking territory, we’ve really begun to open many people’s eyes to the world of hand-made beer that's brewed with passion,” says Adam.

“Our aim is to brew beer for everyone to enjoy. We want to always make beer that we love to drink, but feel it's equally important to make something to fit everyone’s taste buds.

“A lager, a mid-strength and a classic pale ale are all on their way.”

The beer comes in a can with an eye-catching design that will definitely help fast-track brand awareness.

Adam came up with the original concept but the whole team pitched in with ideas.

Good mate and local sign-writer, Jake Savas of Savvy Sign Co, custom-made the original Cronulla Beer Co logo text, taking inspiration from traditional Aussie shop signage.

Head brewer, Tim, brought everything together and the result is a distinctive looking can with a retro aesthetic.

“From the start we had agreed on a really simple and almost vintage-looking colour pallet to represent that relaxed coastal lifestyle. The prominent colour being the sand of our beaches and the light blue zinc colour of the wave. Text highlights will inter-change as we introduce more products into our core range,” explains Adam.

Tinnies are cost effective, which is why the team chose cans. Every little bit helps when you’re a start-up trying to crack the craft beer market.

“From licensing, recipe development, packaging, marketing and building the relationships to enable us the opportunity to be stocked across many local venues, it has been pretty full on,” says Adam. “Especially as we are all new to the beer industry. But it has been so much fun! And we are very grateful for the support and encouragement we have been shown by other icons in the industry.”

Currently, Cronulla Beer is being produced at a site in Alexandria. The goal is to have their own site in the Shire.

Cronulla Beer brewery in Cronulla

“We can envisage a brewery and tap room in Taren Point. A friendly and inclusive place to bring the whole family, meet friends, listen to live music, eat tasty food and, of course, drink incredible beer,” says Adam. “Somewhere our community can really resonate with and be proud of, and an attraction for people to visit from around the country.”

We’ll drink to that! 🍺

Where to get Cronulla Beer.

Fresh to drink on-site: The Prince Hotel, Taren Point Hotel, Highfield Caringbah.

Next Door, Sealevel, Yalla Sawa, Brass Monkey, Low and Lofty’s, Rydges, Zinc Bar, Woolooware Golf Club, Cronulla Golf Club.

Take-away to drink at home: Loftus Liquor, Bottle O’Briens,Yowie Bay Cellars, Mr.Liquor Cronulla, The Liquor Emporium (St. Peters and Alexandria), and 25 BWS and Dan Murphy locations.

Cronulla Beer in cans

See website for full stockist list.

You can also order cases online and buy some really cool merch.


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