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Post Summer Body Care

While little feels better than enjoying some outdoor time in the sun (wearing sunscreen of course!), frequent exposure to the scorching summer sun can leave your skin suffering. Humidity and sunburn can leave our skin super dry, so it’s important to replenish our thirsty skin with nourishing ingredients that help get our skin and hair back to a healthier state and glowing all summer long!

For the body

A heavy moisturiser can make you feel sticky and sweaty in the summer heat. Thankfully, the Tropicology Pure Avocado Body Oil (RRP $79.95) is an intensely moisturising lightweight oil that leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. Containing cold pressed avocado, a natural collagen stimulant, simply massage the oil into damp skin, in long upward strokes and watch your body glow!

If you’re after something incredibly light-weight, the We Are Feel Good Inc. Kakadu Plum Body Milk (RRP $29.95) is a fantastic choice, and at less than $30, it's hard to beat! Made with native Australian Kakadu Plum extract, this product smells so good you’ll want to drink it. But don’t — it’s NOT real milk! The Body milk also contains Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and is enriched with beneficial additions such as Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

Ok, I know what I said about heavy moisturiser, but sometimes you need one! When we get a sunburn, our skin is crying out for moisture, and there’s nothing more soothing and nurturing than the Tropicology Avocado Body Moisturiser (RRP $59.95). The collagen-producing avocado oil helps bring some shine back to the skin. This product is definitely for when your skin is at its thirstiest.

For the face

Obviously, hats and sunscreen are the way to protect your money-maker in the summertime, but, we get it; it’s hard to avoid the sun on your face at all times. Fair enough! If you’re suffering from dryness on the face, you NEED SunButter Face Oil Boab, Wattle & Kelp (RRP: $43.95). This goodie absorbs quickly and is designed to target sun damage. How clever! This face oil promotes the repair of skin cells and is packed full of nutrients.

For the hair

When constantly slathering our faces and bodies in sunscreen and moisturiser, it can be easy to forget about our hair. BUT! Hair gets sun damaged just like our skin and deserves a bit of TLC too. If you’re proactive (good for you!), you can apply the SunButter Rosemary Hair Serum (RRP: $27.95) to the ends of your hair before taking a dip in the pool or ocean. This serum helps protect against the damage caused by chlorine and salt — goodbye dryness! However, if your hair needs some love after the fact, this serum also makes a fantastic hair mask. Just rub it into your hair and leave for a few hours before washing it out with shampoo. Easy!

As amazing as all of these products are, remember the best thing you can do for your hair, face and body in the summertime is SLIP SLOP SLAP! (and SLIDE and SEEK — they’ve got to stop expanding the slogan!)


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