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Into the Archives - Turramurra: Series 1

In the digitally-dominated, fast-paced world we live in today, sometimes it’s nice to slow down and reflect on the simpler times, remembering the roots and past lives of our surroundings, through photographs + images from yesteryear.

In Series 1, we go back in time to Turramurra North Public School - was first opened in October 1914, by the following March, there were more than 70 students enrolled. The school became the social hub of the area. There was a shop and a concentration of homes near the school, with orchards, dairies, poultry farms and market gardens close by.

Do you recognise anyone? Let us know, Image Credit: Ku-ring-gai Library Local History Collection

Turramurra North Public School, North Turramurra 1914
Taken by B Hughes, headmaster Turramurra North Public School 1914

Pupils assembled outside the school building, noting clothing and range of ages of children, suggesting this may have been the whole school. The original copy is water damaged. Some sections of the photograph, on the right, have been dissolved.

3rd & 4th Classes - Turramurra North Public School 1922

Showing a teacher with a combined 3rd /4th class. Persons shown: Les Cole, Horace Liversidge, ? Weinbeck, Fred Moll, Frank Helliwell, Erick Chamberlain, ? Henshaw, Jack Cale, Thelma Nagle, Kathleen Adams, Elma Pierce, John Shipton, Mamie St.Ledger and Renee Chamberlain.

Children, Turramurra North Public School 1934

Shows a class photograph of pupils at Turramurra North Public School.

Persons shown: Archie Palthorp, Roy Chamberlain, Evyanne Lanfear, Myra Stephens, Tom Tesoriero, Gloria Shelton, Molly ?, Lorna Liversidge, Peggy Wallbank, Joe Hope, Wally St. Ledger, Harry Whaling and Ray Chamberlain.

4th, 5th & 6th Classes - Turramurra North Public School 1948

Shows a class photograph of a combined 4th, 5th and 6th class at Turramurra North Public School.

4th. 5th. & 6th Classes Turramurra North Public School [1951]

Shows a combined class photograph of 4th. 5th and 6th classes


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