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KX Pilates Manager, Paul Cicchetti

We sat down with the manager of KX Pilates, Dee Why.

Pictured: Paul Cicchetti

KX Pilates has taken Sydney, and the rest of Australia, by storm since it was first founded in 2010. The Kaizen eXperience or 'KX’ (Japanese for “change for the better”) is a philosophy that focuses on small and ongoing movements. KX Pilates classes offer exactly that — fast-paced, high intensity body toning workouts in just 50 minutes.

We sat down with Paul Cicchetti, manager of KX Pilates Dee Why, to learn more.

How long has KX Pilates been around and what motivated you to open the studio?

KX Pilates has been around for 10+ years and started in Melbourne — a testament to the positive impact KX continues to have on our wellbeing! KX Dee Why opened in 2016. We wanted to be the first studio to bring dynamic Pilates to the Northern Beaches, which was so exciting for our team of amazing trainers who’d been on board since KX moved to Sydney in 2015.

Have you always worked in the Health/Wellness industry?

I started my fitness journey as a qualified PT in 2013, and then progressed to enrolling into the KX Academy the year after. Since then, my life has been devoted to the KX way of life! The Industry has seen me teach KX workouts nationally and eventually become a multi-site Studio Owner.

What drew you to the KX Pilates brand and philosophy?

The fast-paced yet low impact movements, practicality of each session and the results of course! All of that was available within an uplifting and inspiring community of clients and trainers.

What can a first-timer expect from a KX Pilates class?

First of all - sweat, baby! Each class is heaps of fun and we always offer an un-intimidating environment. Trainers are super supportive and eXperts at making our newbies feel at home. We also offer some great trial options for first-timers as well.

What are the key benefits of regular classes?

There are way too many to list - but I think the most important are stronger joints, improved mobility, toned muscles and increased confidence and awareness in your body. Getting a regular dose of amazing endorphins is also a massive plus!

Find out more at their website or follow them on Instagram @kxpilatesdeewhy.

KX Pilates Suite 4/11-13 Oaks Ave Dee Why NSW 2099 7900 6156


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