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Sydney Dog & Cats Home Brings Corporate Snuggles

The Sydney Dog & Cats Home (SDCH) are bringing unwanted cats and dogs into the workplace for a bit of affection in their new Corporate Snuggle Rescue Program.

Sydney Dog & Cats Home cuddles program

Christmas time often welcomes the arrival of a new furry member to the family, which bound into our hearts in the form of a puppy or kitten.

However, Xmas can also mean unacceptable animal cruelty, where unscrupulous ‘puppy farms’ exploit the desire for pets, or an older dog or cat is dumped to make way for a new ‘cuter’ replacement.

SDCH has been taking care of Sydney's lost, abandoned and neglected pets since 1946, providing food, shelter and veterinary care to unwanted or stray pets - primarily dogs and cats.

SDCH Corporate Snuggle Rescue Program

With the arrival of 2022 and workers returning to their offices and places of employment from Xmas holidays and Covid lockdowns, SDCH has launched the Corporate Snuggle Rescue Program.

The Corporate Snuggle Rescue Program is a unique way to bring happiness into the workplace while supporting a great cause: the welfare of Sydney's lost and abandoned pets.

Animals from the SDCH shelter are brought into your workplace for a cuddle and a bit of pampering. These interactive events are scheduled on a Thursday morning and run for half an hour to an hour.

Each event includes animal playtime whilst SDCH staff and volunteers are on hand to discuss the organisation, how to adopt an animal, or how to get more involved in SDCH activities, such as volunteering, fundraising and their foster care program.

The Corporate Snuggle Rescue Program costs $1,000 administration fee, which funds the SDCH animal shelter and its ongoing care for companion animals that transition through their centre.

SDCH snuggle program

Corporate Snuggling Rescue Program Funding

To find out more about the Corporate Snuggling Rescue Program, download an information pack here:

SDCH support the Getting to Zero movement, which means they strive to re-home every healthy and treatable animal that arrives on their premises, and never place a time limit on any homeless animal awaiting adoption to their forever home..

Getting to Zero (G2Z) aims to increase responsibility for companion animals so that every community and municipality can achieve zero euthanasia of all healthy and treatable cats and dogs.

SDCH work in association with the municipal councils of Sydney, and cross multiple council areas, including Georges River and Bayside in the south, North Sydney in the north, and east to west from Waverley, Woollahra and Randwick to the Inner West and Fairfield.

SDCH is also the only not-for-profit animal pound in Sydney.

Sydney Dog & Cats Home

Shelter: 442-446 Liverpool Road, Strathfield South NSW 2136.

Phone: 02 9587 9611


Getting to Zero


Sydney Dog & Cats Home 2020 statistics:

799 pets reunited with owners.

2,312 pets re-homed.

21,798 volunteer hours logged.

988 pets placed into foster care.

Sydney Dog & Cats Home 2021 statistics:

444 pets reunited with owners.

670 pets re-homed.

560 pets placed into foster care.

cared for 1330 animals.

microchip over 470 pets.

desex over 380 pets.


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