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About Maggie’s Rescue in Sydney

Saving Sydney’s displaced cats and dogs since 2011.

Who Are Maggie’s Rescue?

Operating since 2011, Maggie’s Rescue is a co-operative of volunteer foster carers and passionate animal advocates working together to achieve a shared vision of getting as many foster dogs as possible into their ideal forever homes. It serves Sydney's Inner West and is based in Marrickville.

Maggie's Rescue cat and dog adoption

Maggie’s has a no-kill philosophy and uses a Foster-to-Adopt approach when it comes to finding animals their forever homes. This ethos is key to the organisation’s success, as it rehabilitates each animal in preparation for their new life.

This co-op puts a huge focus on reducing the number of unwanted and abandoned animals through rehoming, community education, desexing initiatives and liaising with other welfare organisations.

The Building Better Behaviour program is aimed specifically at dogs and provides a vital educational resource within local communities. The program provides access to highly-regarded vet behaviourists who provide training for all volunteer coordinators and foster carers.

Since the introduction of this program, Maggie’s has been able to accept dogs that may display behavioral issues — which they hadn’t previously had resources to manage before. These dogs are now given the support they need to grow and develop into perfect family dogs!

animals for adoption at Maggie's Rescue

In Memory of Maggie

In 2011, an independent dog carer received an urgent call regarding a dog found abandoned at a property. It was Maggie, a nine-year-old Border Collie, and on arrival, evidence of her long-term neglect was immediately obvious. A vet confirmed Maggie was suffering from cancer and chronic arthritis.

She was so ill, it was felt she couldn’t be treated and the devastating decision had to be made to euthanize her. In the conversations that followed, it was decided that while the world might forget about the 'Maggies' who remain locked up, ill-treated, and overlooked, they simply couldn’t forget.

Maggie’s story was the catalyst, spurring a couple of animal-loving individuals to create something bigger than a rescue group — a co-operative, which would provide a safe haven for animals in need of compassionate rehoming. This is her legacy, and today the work of Maggie’s Rescue continues, honouring her memory.

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