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Baxter returns home!

After an incredible 3 weeks lost in local bushland, Baxter the 12 year old Cavoodle has returned home.

First coming to light in early August, the plight of Baxter and Layla captured the hearts of people right across the Northern Beaches. The two Cavoodles managed to escape into bushland in Elanora Heights and despite huge efforts from the local community, no trace of them was found for days on end. There was a a mammoth effort from the local community, with hundreds out walking in search, and thousands seeing and sharing posts online.

Unfortunately, Layla required medication for various medical conditions and following consultations with various veterinary professionals, it was acknowledged she couldn't survive beyond 7 days without her medication.

On August 22nd, their devastated owners made the heart breaking decision to scale back the search, with the following announced on social media:

Posted August 22nd:

Feeling like all hope was lost, missing posts became less frequent and Baxter and Layla's devastated families began to contemplate life without them.. Until - a call came through on Saturday September 2nd, almost 3 weeks since he first went missing, that Baxter had been sighted! A local homeowner in Elanora Heights had witnessed the dog emerge from bushland and wander towards the back of their house, however, as they approached the dog scurried away.

The call was made and Baxter's owner Deb was on scene within minutes, after what seemed like a lifetime of frantic calling, it was only about 5 minutes, Baxter came running! He was immediately taken to the vet and placed on an IV drip and despite grave concerns - his vet is hopeful he will be making a full recovery! His owner Deb released a much happier statement on Facebook today:

Posted September 3rd, 2023

We wish Baxter and his whole family a very speedy recovery, and a much quieter life from here on out!


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