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Why Local Advertising is Making a Comeback

Over the last 20 years, the world has witnessed a mercurial rise in the popularity of digital advertising. They say every action has a reaction, and in its wake, various community newspapers and magazines were left in the dust with many businesses overlooking the benefits of physical, local advertising. However, as the world continues to adapt to new ways of working and living, refreshed forms of hyperlocal advertising platforms are making their long-awaited comeback. Why have these local platforms started to make a comeback and how will it benefit businesses and neighbourhoods alike?

Consumers Spending More Time At Home

One major factor driving the resurgence of local publications is the shift towards remote work. According to a survey by FlexJobs, the number of people working from home has increased by 115% since 2005. Another recent study has shown more than 40% of the US workforce is now working remotely. The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this trend, with many companies now offering more flexible work arrangements. This has given rise to a "Tuesday to Thursday" in-office week. As a result, employees are spending more time in their local neighbourhoods and communities. They're grabbing lunch at local restaurants, running errands at local shops, and taking advantage of local services that are now more accessible to them. This presents an opportunity for local businesses to reach this new customer market through targeted, hyperlocal advertising.

This local advertising provides a public service for the neighbourhood. It helps residents learn more about what is available nearby, and more often than not, readers of hyperlocal media are amazed at the depth of service available to them locally.

Residents Want To Buy Local

Consumers are becoming more educated and aware of the importance and value of supporting local businesses. An American Express survey found that 72% of consumers want to support small businesses, and believe that small businesses are the heart of their community. This suggests that consumers are actively seeking out local businesses to support, which creates a prime opportunity for businesses. By highlighting the fact that they are a local business, companies can tap into this desire to support small businesses and appeal to local consumers. Local advertising can help showcase a business's connection to the community and highlight the unique products or services that they offer.

Advertisers Can Target Timely Promotions or Events

Local advertising allows businesses to target their message to a specific audience in a way that just does not work in media that addresses a larger market. For example, a restaurant might advertise their lunch specials to people who work in the local area. By targeting their message in this way, they can increase the likelihood that potential customers will take action. Another benefit of local advertising is that it allows businesses to build relationships with their customers. By advertising in a hyperlocal magazine or newspaper, businesses can showcase the fact they are a part of their local community. They can showcase their commitment to the local area and demonstrate their willingness to support local causes. This can help to build trust with potential customers and increase the likelihood that they'll choose to do business with the company. As more people spend time in their local neighbourhoods, they're more interested in local services and businesses that cater to their needs, and hyperlocal media is creating an opportunity to make the most of this trend. Neighbourhood Media Is lucky enough to have magazine titles that are widely recognised by everyone in the local community - each simply titled by the relevant Postcode. This has driven an authentic connection between our magazines, and the communities they are written for. Creating a trusted, and reliable platform for local businesses to reach their communities.


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