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Wil's Cateen - Healthy Food Even Kids Enjoy

If you check out the Wil’s Canteen lunch menu, you would be excused for thinking you were at a trendy coffee shop, because of its range of options, daily specials and creative presentation style.

But this menu is for the kids and Wil Angus, the man behind Wil’s Canteen, has come up with an ingenious way to make healthy food appetising and appealing to even the fussiest of primary school goers.

Wil’s first venture was to run the canteen at Marrickville Public School. In Wil’s words: “I have children enrolled here, so I am committed to serving the school community.”

All meals served from the canteen are prepared by Wil and his team from base ingredients, sourced locally where possible. He avoids the use of artificial additives and processed ingredients. Sourced locally, the food is nutritious, tasty and changes according to season.

Wil says, “As a parent, I am dedicated to providing a wide variety of healthy food for my children and I am bringing this ideal to the school canteen. As a community, we need to promote healthy eating in positive ways.”


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