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Why Indoor Plants Are Good For You

Not only do plants look good inside your home, they can make you feel good and may actually be healthy too.

When it comes to interior decorating there’s no easier way to liven up a room and add colour, texture, and style than by putting a few well-chosen plants around the place.

Contrary to common misgivings, most indoor plants are quite easy to keep and they don’t always need to be in sunny, airy location: some thrive in the bathroom; others are perfectly content in a cool, dim, hallway. The sheer variety of indoor plants available makes them extremely versatile as decorative items. From palms that can fan out to fill a cavernous corner, to vines that can be trained across a stark archway, to small cacti that can add humour and interest to a bare windowsill, there’s a plant that will suit every situation.

Why Indoor Plants Are Good For You

Yet plants also have benefits beyond the aesthetic. Studies have suggested that indoor plants are good for you. Having plants inside a home or workspace will increase positive mood and lead to better productivity and harmony. Plants are an organic filtering machine that suck in carbon dioxide and release it as oxygen. Many houseplants act as air purifiers, actually absorbing toxins including benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene.

Having said all this, there are some plants you should steer clear of if you have pets or young children - they may cause adverse reactions in humans and can even be fatal to cats and dogs.

The best thing to do, always, is speak to an expert who can guide you on the best choice of plants for your circumstances. Beaches Plant Co is a small, family run business, operating around Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Upper North Shore. They provide highly personalised service which includes advice on choosing the right plants and where to place them. Their plants are healthy and strong and sourced from some of the best growers in the country. Plus, they’ll deliver right to your door.


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