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Unleashing Creativity at Inner West Drama

In 2013, the vibrant drama scene of Sydney's Inner West welcomed a new player, Inner West Drama.

Founded by Siobhan Lawless and Kate Bookallil, both seasoned actors with decades industry experience, the Inner West Drama emerged from a shared vision to combine a passion for storytelling with the demands of parenthood. The School started with one class at the primary school their children attended, and has since grown to run regular lessons in six different locations around the Inner West.

Inner West Drama Marrickville

Inner West Drama pride themselves on creating an environment that’s supportive, playful and inspiring. Founder, Kate, explains: “We use positive approaches that are designed to relax, delight, encourage, instruct, and stimulate our students. We teach everything from improvisation skills, to characterisation, script analysis, team building, devising a play, stagecraft and empathy. Our aim is to empower people through performance skills and drama games.”


The School offers a comprehensive curriculum catering to students of all ages and experience levels. Whether it's a child discovering the joy of performance or an adult looking to explore their creative side, the school provides a welcoming space for all.


Nurturing community is paramount at Inner West Drama. For locals curious about drama classes, there’s an invitation to experience the magic firsthand with a trial class. The School ensures everyone has the chance to explore their potential without the financial constraints - especially in this climate.


We love locals and are very happy for people to come along for a trial class! We know how daunting it can be to try something new, so we actively encourage everyone to come along for a trial if they’re feeling unsure. And please reach out if you are keen to join us and really can’t afford it.”


Through a range of classes tailored to different age groups, the school encourages students to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the thrill of performance. The adults' classes, divided into Act I, II, III, and IV, serve as a testament to the school's inclusive approach, where participants are encouraged to embrace their creativity without the pressure of stardom. “Our adult classes are targeted to people who want to be brave and have a go, but don’t have plans to break Hollywood one day... although, who knows?!

Inner West Drama is also fortunate to be the resident company at Flight Path Theatre in Marrickville, this offers students ample opportunities to showcase their talents on stage. From casual performances in class to larger productions, the school provides a platform for students to shine and pursue their dreams beyond the classroom. The school hosts yearly ‘Show Offs’ for kids, teens perform twice a year and adults perform at the end of every ten week term. The kids’ classes also make room for a bit of a casual performance at the end of every class. In the school holidays, there’s a week-long programme at Flight Path Theatre, during which the kids perform on the Friday afternoon.


Interested in a trial class? Reach out to secure your spot today - 0419 405 659


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