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Greater Glass, Making an Impression

Shire local, co-founder and managing director of Greater Glass in Kirrawee, Deb Deeth, speaks about adding value to your home with glass.

Greater Glass in Cronulla

Whether you’re sprucing up to sell, preparing to host Christmas gatherings or just looking to liven up your home - there’s no need to bend over backwards on a full home renovation this Summer. With an extensive array of modernised designs and flexible options, glass is the low-cost and high-impact solution to updating your outdated decor and leaving a lasting impression.

If you still need convincing from the experts, here are five reasons glass is the missing piece your home needs to amaze and impress.

Provide an instant “wow” factor

Particularly in old homes, it’s common to find an outdated decorative panel of glass next to the front door (the old amber coloured glass was a 70’s favourite). By adding modern frosted or decorative patterns to your front entry or façade, you can instantly give your home the contemporary refresh it’s been needing. As they say, first impressions are the key to selling your home - so the front entrance is your time to shine.

Feel comfortable in your home

Glass has come a long way in terms of technology. Energy-efficient glass can help you stay in control of your household temperature, reducing your energy consumption. Keep your old window frames and just replace the glass with low-E coated glass for an extraordinary impact. Low-E coated glass is designed to reduce glare, furniture fade and solar heat gain by up to 30%, which means you can feel comfortable in your home this Summer.

Create bathroom bliss on a budget

Bathroom glass designs can be customised to match the look and feel of your space, enabling you to modernise your bathroom for a price that won’t break the bank. Shower glass designs have flexible pricing options that suit most budgets, which means you can give your bathroom a luxurious makeover without the hassle and cost of a complete bathroom renovation. So, whether you’re looking to simply throw in a new mirror or change the dated pattern glass in the window with a modern frosted safety product, a touch of glass will instantly make your bathroom feel luxurious.

Tailor to your taste

While glass splashbacks remain a go-to for modernising a kitchen, they are now also a common choice for home bars, barbecue areas and inside showers. Glass splashbacks are easy to clean (which means you can say goodbye to scrubbing grout) and the colour choices are limitless to suit any decor. While it’s common to stick to versatile colours like blacks, whites and primary colours, ‘mirror’ has become a recent best seller to give the illusion of a bigger space and reflect a fabulous view. Plus, you can be as creative as you like by reproducing photographic images. For example, Greater Glass offers a brand new matte glass option that looks like stone but costs less!

Glass can help protect your furniture

It’s no doubt that glass can give your space the next-level ‘wow’ factor it’s been missing. Even better however, it also serves as your golden tool to protect the expensive furniture around your home. Glass tabletops are perfect to place on top of your antique dressing tables, timber dining table or office desk. As I’m sure you can imagine, during lockdown it came as no surprise that Greater Glass had a surge of glass orders for desks to stop kids drawing on the table with texter!


If you’re looking for bespoke made-to-measure grade A safety glass, manufactured in Australia and sourced right here in the Sutherland Shire, call Deb on 9521 7298 or visit


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