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Tasty Treats, for Wieners!

From a humble start in her kitchen to the thriving business of Tasty Wiener Treats, Lauren's commitment to crafting high-quality, all-natural delights has garnered acclaim not just locally but beyond.

Tasty Wiener Treats creator Lauren & her dachshunds

When Lauren, a dedicated fur mum in Cronulla, faced the challenge of finding suitable treats for her miniature dachshund Albert amidst the COVID lockdown in 2020, she embarked on a journey that would redefine dog treat standards.

From Kitchen Experiments to Canine Delicacies

Lauren's venture into the world of dog treats began with a simple $50 investment in a second-hand dehydrator. With time on her hands during lockdown, she experimented with recipes until she found the perfect formula, eventually leading to the birth of the beloved 'OG Chicken' treat. Inspired by her beloved dachshunds, Albert and Lucy, Tasty Wiener Treats became a testament to love and dedication towards pets' well-being.

Tasty Wiener Treats in a bowl

Commercial dog treats often come with hidden ingredients and additives that can compromise pets' health. Lauren's commitment to purity and simplicity ensures that each Tasty Wiener Treat is a single-ingredient delight, free from preservatives and harmful additives. By offering pet owners a healthier alternative, Tasty Wiener Treats not only nourishes dogs' bodies but also strengthens the bond between owners and their beloved companions.

Where to Find Tasty Wiener Treats

Discover the delectable offerings of Tasty Wiener Treats at local markets, where you can meet Lauren and her charming dogs while your furry friend samples the delights. For convenient access, order online through the website for hassle-free click-and-collect delivery from Cronulla. Custom orders are also welcome via direct messages on Instagram, ensuring every dog receives the perfect treat tailored to their preferences.

Tasty Wiener Treats duck jerky in packaging

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