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The Four Little Piggies of Dee Why

This profile was written by their doting owner, Frankie, age 7

We have four beautiful guinea pigs: Omo, Susu, Hazel and Honey. They belong to me (Frankie) and my brothers Paddy and Reggie. We have had Omo and Susu 18mths, our Grandmother Susie bought them for us in Orange. When we visit her they come with us for a holiday too. Hazel and Honey were recently rescued from Collaroy.

They live on our balcony and like to run around free-range. They make a purring sound when they are happy and squeal when they are hurt or hungry. They especially like to snuggle in my daddy’s beard and jumper pockets. We feed them lots of veggies and we cut grass for them around the neighborhood. I really love them a lot and have shown them to my class on Zoom for show and tell.

Thanks for writing to us, Frankie!


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