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Strolling Through the Gallery – The Workings Behind the Turramurra Art Trail

By Isabella Edwards

Danielle Littlewood explains the process of bringing Try Turramurra’s Art Trail to life.

Locals and visitors alike felt wonder and awe at the Try Turramurra Art Trail! A gallery of works displayed along Turramurra’s streets and pedestrian areas as a part of the Turramurra – try, taste, trail festival that has been occurring over the summer months. We spoke with the art trail’s organiser, Ms Danielle Littlewood, to learn more.

Zest Events International, the company that curated the trail and of which Danielle is the Project Manager, works under the guiding principle of “Art for Purpose”. Danielle described this credo as:

“Our projects focus on providing 'art for purpose'. The purpose may be to educate the community, convey a particular message, or in this case with our Try Turramurra Art Trail, to reinvigorate public space and create a reason for people to come out onto the streets to explore not only the art trail but all of what this great little Sydney suburb has to offer.”

The Turramurra art trail’s works have received warm responses since their installations, with Danielle noting:

“The members of the public we spoke to were very excited to see the art trail being installed and injecting a bit of fun back onto the streets.”

Art has long been an important tool in connecting people and sharing ideals. However, the trail's artworks put a unique and fun spin on classic conceptions of art.

“We love being able to use our unique 3D artworks to bring a feeling of colour and interactive fun into the community. Through our pavement art illusions, people can take part in the art, something that both big and little kids get a kick out of, and it’s also completely inclusive for people with limited abilities.” Said Danielle Littlewood.

Moreover, artworks offer an intense ability to evoke a sense of place and community within their images. This element was strongly implemented throughout the artworks that make up the Try Turramurra Art Trail.

“Through the Try Turramurra project, we aimed to speak to the historic culture of the suburb and highlight unique characteristics of the community and the local environment, for example, you can find a local lorikeet reading a book near the library and local native creek characters such as the Green and Golden Bell Frog playing around in Stonex Lane” Danielle recounted.

Head out into the Turramurra Streets to see how many artworks you can spot!


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