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Flex-A-Tee, Smart Clothing Down to a Tee

The simple t-shirt has to be one of the most basic and ubiquitous items of clothing — everyone has at least one. And they are easy to get on and off, right? Well, not if you have mobility issues or a whole range of other factors that can make raising your arms or wearing off-the-shelf clothing a bit of a challenge. Flex-A-Tee is a solution.

Introducing Flex-A-Tee

After observing that some of their own older family members were having trouble putting on a plain t-shirt, the innovative designers at Care & Style came up with a solution: the Flex-A-Tee. It’s a t-shirt-style top that features easy-to-press studs along both shoulder lines.

By undoing the studs, the neck of the t-shirt can be widened or completely opened up, allowing the user to step into the garment and pull it up over the hips. The studs can then be closed to allow as much freedom around the neck or arms as is desired.

The t-shirt is unisex and designed so that there is no defined front or back, which means it can’t be put on the wrong way around. It has a classic, comfortable cut and is available in five different sizes, two lengths, and choice of basic black or white, making it very versatile.

The Flex-A-Tee is ideal for people with shoulder, neck or head injuries, limited mobility or other difficulties or accessibility needs, including: post-surgery (sometimes known as medi-wear), upper body range of movement restrictions, easy accessibility for breastfeeding, comfortable elderly clothing, during chemotherapy, sensory issues, the ability to change clothing without dislodging a cannula, and ease of dressing for carers.

Care & Style is an Australian-owned company and Flex-A-Tee is made locally, without using plastics and is carbon neutral wherever possible.

You can order Flex-A-Tee garments from their website or from selected stockists. Flex-A-Tee is a registered NDIS provider.

For more information and to order a Flex-A-Tee t-shirt, visit:


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