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Resound, by Sydney Dance Company

Sydney Dance Company’s latest production Resound will have audiences feeling the entire spectrum of emotions, from darkness into light in three unique dance works.

“A journey from darkness to light, Resound traces a complex arc of emotions that will move, uplift and inspire audiences,” says Sydney Dance Company’s Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela. The Company’s upcoming production is sure to enthral, with three unique dance works on display: the world premieres of Summer by Bonachela and The Universe is Here by Stephanie Lake, plus the return of Bonachela’s Ocho.

Sydney Dance Company performs Resound

Ocho by the Sydney Dance Company

Audiences will first be led through Ocho, which debuted in 2017. The piece, with its theme of searching for salvation and connection, feels quite pertinent after 2021’s lockdowns. “Ocho has certainly taken on new meanings following the pandemic and the experience of lockdown.

The work unfolds in a highly urban setting, with an imposing glass box taking centre stage. As the eight dancers interact with their surroundings and one another, the sense of entrapment and isolation is palpable,” explains Bonachela. The haunting score of the work, composed by Nick Wales, with vocals from Aboriginal artist Rrawun Maymuru, sets the scene for the powerful choreography. It garnered rave reviews upon debut in 2017, and Bonachela is excited for its return to the stage:

“Reexploring Ocho years later with a new cast has revealed its startling relevance for today’s audiences.”

Summer by the Sydney Dance Company

In contrast to the turmoil of Ocho, the premiere of Summer is sure to have spirits high. Bonachela set the work to the sound of ‘Cicadidae’ by Kate Moore, which he describes as the “dominant sound of summer in Australia”.

Recorded by the Australian String Quartet, Moore’s piece evokes the frenetic sound of cicadas emerging in the warmer months. “[Moore] has captured the urgency of these insects as they emerge from the earth to reconnect with one another,” says Bonachela. Almost in direct opposition to Ocho, it was important to capture feelings of release and warmth in this work.

“This idea of emergence was key for me, as I decided after one of the many lockdowns last year that Summer was the work I would create in a future where we could embrace again,” says Bonachela. “I wanted to create a work that was restorative, with three dancers connecting with each other, to support, embrace and move with one another.”

Summer by the Sydney Dance Company

The costuming of Summer comes from iconic Australian brand Romance Was Born, whom Bonachela have admired since he arrived in Australia. “Luke and Anna are unrivalled in their command of shape, texture and colour. As Summer was taking shape in my mind, the connection to their work was immediate — the vibrancy, boldness of print and celebration of colour,” he recalls. “I remembered seeing their landmark collection with iconic Australian artist, Ken Done, and knew that this collaboration would be perfect — and it is.”

The Universe is Here by the Sydney Dance Company

Rounding out the triad is the premiere of Stephanie Lake’s The Universe is Here. The mesmerising new work features a score from Robin Fox, with live performance on stage from harpist Emily Granger.

Bonachela sees The Universe is Here as the final puzzle piece for Resound. “Resound is an emotional and sensorial journey from turbulent darkness to ethereal brilliance which Stephanie Lake’s newest creation completes,” he says.

The Universe is Here is such a thrilling and mesmerising work that I’m honoured to have commissioned. Stephanie Lake is an extraordinary artist and a force of nature and I’m so excited to be able to share her superb new work with Sydney audiences.”

Resound will take place at the Roslyn Packer Theatre Walsh Bay from 28 October to 5 November 2022. More information and tickets can be found at

By Georgia Griffiths


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