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Rare water spout captured off Bondi - Saturday May 13th

What seemed like an average morning for local photographer and drone enthusiast, Dario Berzosa, become quite extraordinary in a matter of seconds.

Bondi local, Dario, spends a lot of his spare time and weekend's out and about honing his photography and drone skills. He has amassed an impressive 21.8k followers on his Instagram (, and become well known for his incredible sky scapes, and aerial shots that showcase the natural environment.

Image: Dario Berzosa -

While sunsets, storms and sunrises are all pretty spectacular, this morning (Saturday, May 13th) turned out to be one to remember! After embarking on his usual morning expedition, and setting up to capture a big storm rolling in - it was then he spotted a water spout around 1.5km out to sea.

Image: Dario Berzosa -

A waterspout is a phenomenon that occurs over bodies of water (oceans or even lakes) where a rotating column of water is formed beneath cumulus or cumulonimbus clouds. Waterspouts are essentially tornadoes that form over water. They can range in size and intensity, with some being weak and short-lived, while others can be strong and last for several minutes.

Check out the footage below:


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