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Pets make us better humans

“The love of an animal is transformative. Animals teach us to be patient and compassionate; it is our responsibility to ensure they live healthy and happy lives.” The Pet Connection

One thing that has made confinement to our homes a little easier is having a pet (or several) around. While it’s hard to get work done when the cat insists on sitting on your keyboard or the dog looks at you expectedly after every movement thinking it’s going for yet another walk, there’s no doubt that our fur/feather/scale babies fill the void of lengthy days at home better than any streaming binge can.

Pets are a unique all-in-one package: they give you complete attention, provide COVID-free cuddles, entertain you, urge you to exercise, and encourage you to relax. Whether it’s a dog, cat, fish, bird, horse, lizard, rabbit, turtle, giant stick-insect, or anything else that can safely live with humans, a pet can be beneficial in so many ways.

Pets keep us grounded. They require routine and diligence - which makes them great for training kids!

It’s been proven time and again that keeping a pet can improve mental and even physical health.

Animals can bring people together and deliver joy just by being themselves -even if when belong to someone else.

“One of our greatest joys is seeing a family welcome a pet into their home. We especially love sharing the journey as they return for advice, products, and a chat.” That’s how the staff feel at The Pet Connection.

The family owned business has been in St Ives for 25 years and they never tire of introducing a non-human member to its new family.

Their love and knowledge extends to dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, reptiles and they’d be happy to arrange an introduction to any or all of the above.

“We encourage responsible pet ownership, and ensure people are ready for the commitment a pet requires. We know how important it is to ensure our animals go to loving homes and remain there for life.” (02) 9988 0038


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