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Pets of 2010 - Issue 6

Each issue, we meet some of the four-legged family members that call Surry Hills and Darlinghurst home, here's our new friends from Issue #6.

Flash is the neighbourhood flirt and who always wants to be the centre of the fashion world. He is always ready for walks and snuggles and will be loyal – maybe too loyal as he can often be found in the bathroom with a family member. If a constantly wet nose is your thing, Flash can spend hours sticking his long snout into everything – as long as you are by his side. A true best friend.

Pepper is a 3-year-old cattle dog. She is smart, happy and silly. She is known for her big smile and her giant ears. She enjoys chasing her ball at the park and going on adventures with her favourite humans. Pepper was born deaf and has been trained using hand signals. Because of this she has an extra special bond with her mum and is very attentive.

Harper is a beautiful 3-year-old retriever with a golden personality! She’s very social and loves meeting new people, loves a good cuddle but probably loves food more!


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