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Nico Nicoson, Artist

Who is the man behind ‘The Surry Hills Flowerhouse’?

Nico Nicoson in his art collection

Nico Nicoson’s vibrant murals, artworks and illustrations brighten public spaces and private collections worldwide - demanding attention wherever they are found.

Nico’s eccentric and ultra-energetic pieces possess a sense of personality that is unique to his style that has made his work highly coveted. He has been working professionally as a mural artist, illustrator and designer in Sydney for over a decade and has created high-profile artworks for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Bailey Nelson, Samsung and Campari.

It’s lucky for residents of Surry Hills that one of Nico’s works, ‘The Surry Hills Flowerhouse’, adorns the wall at 483 Riley St, Surry Hills. First painted in 2018, it has become a part of the local landscape. We were lucky enough to catch up with Nico to find out more about his career:

All About Nico Nicoson

Have you always been an artist/illustrator? I have always been an artist. Ever since I was very little, I knew that I would always make art. I have been working professionally as an artist for a little over ten years now. Did you study art? How did you gain experience? I began painting artwork in the street in the early 2000s just for fun. I studied both fine art and design after finishing school but learned most of what I know about creating art just by making lots of it!

What’s your connection to Surry Hills? I was born a stone's throw away in Paddington. I have painted in the area quite a lot, and of course, enjoyed the local pubs. As a student, I got many of my essential calories from The Shakespeare's infamous $10 menu.

Can you tell us about one of your greatest accomplishments? Making a living doing what I love for me is my greatest accomplishment. I am often hearing about people having to do work that they dislike and am very thankful that I am able to enjoy my time working. Can you pick a favourite work? It’s always my next one.

Learning About ‘The Surry Hills Flowerhouse’

When was this work completed, and where can it be found? The Flowerhouse was painted in 2018. It stands at 483 Riley Street, just across from the Light Rail stop.

Commissioned by the City of Sydney, what was the purpose of the mural? The mural was painted as a tribute to the area's rich history as a textile district. I wanted the artwork to feel uplifting and represent growth and progression.

What inspired you to create this piece, specifically? I was definitely inspired by the area itself and its history as a vibrant textile district. The stories of local fashion and textile designers, such as Longina Phillips, had a huge influence on the ideation and concept development process.

If you’ve already checked out ‘The Surry Hills Flowerhouse’ you can see more of Nico’s works and where to find them at his website and his Instagram.

Instagram: @nico_nicoson


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