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Mike Clark, Sauce Brewing Co - People of Marrickville

Est. 2016 in Marrickville, Sauce Brewing Co are one of Australia’s most exciting Independent Craft Breweries. Sauce is all about big, bold flavours, creativity and diversity - there’s a drop of liquid gold that can suit any pallet! - hop-heads, sour-freaks, or someone that just likes good quality, drinkable ales.

The Marrickville Brewery and Taproom is where it all started. Home to the production brewery, taproom - both complemented by the incredible outdoor beer garden, which is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday. With food trucks always in attendance, the beer garden is the ideal location to while away a sunny afternoon - or if it’s rainy, it will be enjoyable either way, with the quality beers on tap!

We sat down with Mike Clark to learn more!

  • In one sentence, how can you explain your Brand?

Sauce is all about big, bold flavours, creativity and diversity. We love all styles of beer, from easy drinking lagers and pale ales, to massive IPA’s, stouts, sours and everything in between!

  • What beer are you known for best?

Tough one but probably Bubble & Squeak NEIPA. It’s the beer that put us on the map and into nationwide distribution.

  • How can readers access you + your brews?

Come see us at the taproom! Otherwise you can find us on the shelves in all good crafty bottlo’s.

  • Who is the brewer?

Dan Fardon is our head brewer, but it’s a team effort of course.

  • What's your biggest brewing fail? The more experimental the better!

We don’t talk about the war! But seriously, sometimes the crazier the beer, the bigger the hit.


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