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Photographer Lando Rossi: Capturing Moments in Time

There is something about Lando Rossi that makes him believable, and when he talks to you about photography you just want to hand over your money and say ‘go for it’!

In fact, I have been doing exactly that for many years and Lando has documented a number of significant family milestones as well as numerous events for me during that time.

Now it's my turn to showcase this talented photographer for everyone in his community of Lane Cove to share.

Photographer Lando Rossi photo

Photographer Lando Rossi Interview

Lando, can you introduce us to where you are from and how you came to be a photographer?

I’m from Florence, Italy. Like many photographers, I’ve always been passionate about taking photos, but it was only after 7 years spent developing my career as a financial advisor in one of the major banks in Italy that I decided to transform this passion into a profession. That was 21 years ago, and I still love every moment of being a photographer.

When did you move to Lane Cove, and what do you like most about the area?

I came to Australia 11 years ago, and moved to Lane Cove shortly thereafter, in 2014.

Initially, I chose Lane Cove because it’s strategically located close to the CBD (where many of my clients are located). Over the years, however, I fell in love with the people and the sense of community here.

What area of photography do you specialise in?

Nowadays at Lando Photo (my company) we are a team of creators, designers, photographers and editors that assist clients across Australia with the production of high-end online content ranging from photography, videography, 360° Virtual Tours for marketing purposes & internal communications.

We produce outstanding high-end Event photography, Interior Photography, Food Photography, Product Photography, not to mention our famous Corporate Portrait designs that allow our clients to stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn.

What was your favourite photoshoot and why?

I’ve always loved working with people. Capturing that moment, that instant when the client is showing a glimpse of their true selves, is the reason why I’m doing this.

Has COVID affected your business as a photographer?

Unfortunately, yes. All the events I had booked were cancelled or postponed, and after a couple of weeks the projects, such as corporate headshots, followed.

Nowadays, the only photographic activities left are product photography, and online tutorials for groups or individuals that want to know how to improve their photographic skills. The latest has been a 2-day course designed for restaurants, in order to teach them how to take some great food photos using just their mobile phones.

What’s on the horizon for your work, and what would you like to photograph most?

Technology advancements have massively changed the world of photography over the last 20 years, and with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more powerful processors, I expect to see even more changes over the next 10 years.

However, despite any technological advancement, people will remain the same, and being able to get the best from them while they are standing in front of a camera will remain a skill in high demand even in the future.

I hope to keep working with corporate clients, providing them with outstanding portraits and branding photos, as well as capture their events’ more engaging moments.

If you would like to see more of Lando’s work follow the links below.

Photographic Portfolio

Lando Rossi – Lando Photo

M: 0415 316994

E: Link

Facebook: @LandoRossiItalianPhotographer


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