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Drone Photography in Northern Beaches

Drone Photography above Northern Beaches

Meet Pablo Severo, a local Drone enthusiast and the mastermind behind this week’s cover image. We caught up with Pablo to learn about his love of drone photography and to learn some tricks of the trade.

When did you get into Drone photography?

And was this a progression from an initial interest/passion in Photography?

“I got into drone photography in 2017 when I finally bought my first drone. Operating drones was a progression from my passion for photography; I have been photographing since 2012.”

How long have you been a Dee Why/Northern Beaches local?

“I have been living in Dee Why since 2010.”

What are some of the most exciting things you’ve spotted with your drone?

“This is a very hard one to answer. I was really excited to get into drones because it opens up a whole new world of possibilities and different points of view. The idea of getting that new perspective on things like colours, shapes, shadows and textures really excites me - so I’m pretty easy to please. Every time I put my drone up I’m confident I’ll capture something new and exciting.”

What are some of your favourite places to shoot on the Northern Beaches?

“I have a soft spot for Dee Why but Manly, Shelly Beach and Long Reef are also places that I really enjoy taking photos. We’re pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to the scenery along the Northern Beaches coastline.”

What are your top 3 tips for ‘Drone Beginners’?

“1. Become familiar with your drone settings, and controls - try and start with the learner settings. Definitely become familiar with basic drone rules before your first flight. Watching tutorials on the internet will be really helpful when you’re starting.

2. Always use your common sense when operating a drone - do not fly over people too low or in controlled airspaces for example.

3. Try new techniques, new settings, different perspectives/angles and the most important thing: have fun!”

What does it take to get the perfect shot?

“Perfection is something that doesn’t exist and it is very subjective in my opinion. Maybe what is good for me will not be good for others. I could say an image with good exposure, colours, textures and composition make a good photo and I would not be wrong, but for me I think the ‘perfect’ photo tells a story, expresses feelings and it does not need to be explained.”

We love Pablo’s work! You can check out some of his amazing shots - like the one we’ve used on our cover, over at his Instagram - @pabloseverophotography


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