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The Car Boot Sleep Out Challenge, for Homelessness In Newtown

Homeless Women in Australia

The number of women in Australia aged 55 and over at risk of homelessness is estimated to be 240,000, making them the fastest-growing homeless population in Australia.

The amount of women between the ages of 55 and 74 who seek support from homelessness services has increased by 55% in the last decade. Now known as the hidden homeless, these women are doing it tough by living in a car, couch surfing, living under the threat of violence or physically hiding.

These women are suffering financial hardship driven by rising costs, lack of employment, limited superannuation, and a lack of affordable housing, all of which contribute to an inability to find adequate living spaces.

By taking part in the Car Boot Sleep Out Challenge, you’re directly helping more women over the age of 55 receive the necessary support to put homelessness in their past.

What is Car Boot Sleepout?

The Newtown Neighbourhood Centre is asking the local community to come together and sleep in their cars for one night, to stand in solidarity with women aged 55 and over who, night after night, have no choice but to sleep in their vehicles.

Join the cause on June 27, 2023, when the first-ever first Car Boot Sleepout will be hosted on the rooftop of the Marrickville Metro shopping centre. The Car Boot Sleepout will be an experience like no other.

How the Car Boot Sleepout Works

Register: Sign up today and get your own fundraising page. Why not get someone else to sleep out in your car with you?

Get fundraising: ​Ask your friends and family to support you. We will equip you with all the skills and a personal fundraising coach to help you along the way.

Sleep Out: Have a memorable night, sleeping out on the Marrickville Metro rooftop.


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