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How to keep your pets warm this winter

By Ashie Luke

Image credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto, cscredon

Winter is already here, and the temperatures are continuing to drop. For those of you who own pets, this means some special preparations need to be made to ensure their safety and comfort. Whether you own a cat, dog, or any other pet, they should not be left out in the cold when it comes to enjoying the winter season. So, what should you do to keep your pets warm this winter?

Warm coats and jumpers are essential to keeping your furry friends comfortable during the winter months. Go for practicality over style to ensure your pets are getting much needed warmth from their coats, especially if your pets are short haired or old. Coats with warming pads are especially beneficial for pets with arthritis as this will keep them extra comfortable in the cold. Not all pets will happily wear clothes as it is a strange concept for them. The best method is to slowly introduce wearing a coat or jumper and, if your pet is still not comfortable, it is best to not force it as there are other ways to keep them warm during winter.

As their owner, you know your pet best and every pet has different preferences. If you struggle to bring your adventurous pet inside, make sure they have insulated shelter outside to keep them comfortable if they need it. A dog kennel must have a foam mat and blankets to ensure your dog is comfortable and retaining heat. Additionally, painting your kennel a dark colour and placing it where it’ll get the most sun will also help keep it warmer for your pet. For inside time, make sure your pet has a comfortable bed with an added heat source such as heating pads or a microwaveable wheat bag. Avoid electric blankets with wires or hot water bottles as your pet may chew through them.

When taking your pet for a walk, if you can feel how cold it is, they definitely can too. Try to avoid long exposure to the cold and wet. If your pet does become wet outside, it is essential that your pet is properly dried off as this adds to their overall drop in body temperature and can result in matting or skin issues. If you are concerned about your pet not receiving enough exercise, playing with toys inside will not only keep them active but also get their temperature rising.

As we said, you know your pet best and what makes them comfortable. It is important to keep a keener eye on your pets during the winter months. Look out for heat seeking behaviour and also consider if they could be overheating as well. If your pet has food and water and a comfortable spot to snuggle up with you then these cold months will not only be easy for them, but enjoyable too.


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