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Hilton Sydney Toasts 130 Years of Marble Bar

Cherished regulars and new faces are invited to learn more about the hotel bar’s rich history

Marble Bar at Hilton Sydney is proud to celebrate its 130th anniversary this October, marking over a century of unwavering commitment to hospitality, exceptional service, and an undisputed home of live music in the heart of the city.

Since its establishment in 1893, Marble Bar has been a cherished watering hole where patrons across the decades have headed for a drink after work, or as the bar of choice to celebrate life's special moments.

When Marble Bar opened in the Adams’ Tattersall’s Hotel in 1893 it was a bar for men. And more specifically, sportsmen – at least that is the impression acclaimed artist Julian Ashton was given when George Adams approached him to ‘do a series of decorative pictures’ for the new bar he was planning to build in his establishment. Why sportsmen in particular? It could be to do with Adams’ interest in horseracing where he made his fortune through running sweepstakes and was the originator of the Tatts lotto draw.

A souvenir brochure, published when the bar opened in September 1893, proclaimed Marble Bar was ‘the handsomest marble hall in Australia, worthy of London or Paris’, while in the 1930s, one writer claimed that ‘nowhere in the world is there a saloon which equals the artistic beauty and architectural magnificence of the famous Marble Bar.’

The following years established Marble Bar as a Sydney landmark, and certainly not just for sportsmen. From its earliest days, businessmen and country visitors would frequent the bar. International stars, too, would drop in for a drink – in 1940, for instance, Noel Coward visited during his tour of Australia. It also provided respite during the Vietnam War. In a 1968 newspaper article, a barmaid claims, ‘The young Americans on leave adore the place. They’ve never seen anything like it. It has atmosphere and tradition, and the word has got around.’

The exuberant Victorian surroundings and rich history have also cemented the space as the focus of the music world with the likes of Liza Minelli, Cold Chisel, The Veronicas, and Adam Lambert all visiting.

To commemorate this significant milestone, Marble Bar hosted a guest list of over 100 including winners of a competition who shared their fondest memories of nights out at Marble Bar on Instagram.

Hayden Hughes, General Manager of Hilton Sydney revealed, “Marble Bar’s enduring legacy has all of the hallmarks of becoming one of the world’s most iconic hotel bars. Celebrating this remarkable 130-year milestone is a testament to a venue that I am sure we will again return to celebrate for decade’s worth of anniversaries to come.”

As Marble Bar embarks on its 130th year, Hilton Sydney remains committed to providing exceptional service, fostering community connections, and creating unforgettable experiences for all who walk through its doors.


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