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Help Cure Cancer, Host a BarbeCURE

Celebrity Chefs - Gary Mehigan and Anna Polyviou Photo: BarbeCURE

Host a BarbeCURE Annual Appeal

BarbeCURE is Cure Cancer’s annual national awareness and fundraising campaign. We invite all Australians to turn on their BBQ and bring their friends and family together to raise funds for cancer research.

The campaign has raised $1 million over the past four years, helping to support over 10 early-career cancer researchers.

Cure Cancer is dedicated entirely to funding early career researchers. We identify, assess and fund the research we believe has the best possible chance of finding a cure. Most importantly, we fund research for ALL cancer types and ALL areas of cancer research.

We recently recruited new celebrity chef ambassadors Anna Polyviou and Gary Mehigan to assist with publicity and fundraising.

This year, all funds raised from BarbeCURE will go to Dr Laurence Cheung with his research into childhood leukaemia. Our aim is to raise over $200K to allow Dr Cheung to continue his research, which is close to making a breakthrough for childhood cancer patients.

If you can’t host your BarbeCURE in person, why not have a virtual BarbeCURE, or ask your guests to donate to life-saving cancer research.

And while you’re cooking up a storm, please tell us what you prefer to cook on your BBQ: Meat, Fish or Veg?

Cure Cancer website:

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BBQ photo: Min An / Pexels



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