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Discover Asset Realty: Leading North Shore Real Estate Experts Since 1999

Meet Ari Akbarian and the team at Asset Realty, a cornerstone of the North Shore real estate landscape for more than two decades.

Real estate agent outside office
Ari Akbarian from Asset Realty

For more than 25 years, Asset Realty has been a big player in the North Shore's real estate scene, helping shape the local market and building a very strong community presence along the way.  "Our business, Asset Realty, started with my mother, who was able to buy a Gordon real estate office and from that, built a multi-office company through sheer hard work and business acumen," reflects Ari, the current owner of Asset Realty. "We've been operating for over 25 years and hope to grow over the next 25 years through our industry-leading service, borne by hard work."

Growing up in St Ives, Ari has a deep-rooted connection to the area. "I attended both St Ives Primary and St Ives High Schools from Kindergarten to Year 12. My first job at 14 was in a sports shop on the corner of Memorial and Mona Vale Road - this is where I honed my skills as a salesperson, understanding that product knowledge is key to realising value for any customer."

Fast forward 20 years, and Asset Realty now occupies that same corner position for their St Ives Office - talk about going full circle. When we asked Ari what St Ives meant to him, he told us - "Whether it’s education or work, this suburb has given me the best childhood, created a platform to launch my career, and introduced me to a community that I hold dear. To me, St Ives is and always will be home."

Notable Listings and Local Connections

Having worked in the area for so many years, Ari reflected on some of his most notable sales. "15a Memorial Avenue, St Ives, was a great sale due to the premium we reached at auction in September 2023. There were specific risk factors that I had to mitigate to realise value, creating a platform to stage a successful auction."

Ari Akbarian from Asset Realty
Ari Akbarian from Asset Realty

Another memorable listing was 59 Hunter Avenue, St Ives. "This was special as it was listed by an Eastern Suburbs agent sharing the same brand as me," he explains. "The vendor, a school friend, had built one of the best homes in the area. Initially, the buyer was against moving to St Ives, preferring Wahroonga or Pymble along the train line. 

“I utilised all my knowledge about St Ives to influence this buyer to inspect the property and eventually part with approximately $5,000,000. Promoting St Ives against neighbouring suburbs was easy, especially given its attributes such as the shopping centre, great schools, warm community, and lovely parks."

Comparing St Ives with Neighbouring Suburbs

Reflecting on the changes over the past two decades, Ari’s observations centre on the urbanisation of St Ives, with density changing the demographic landscape from 1985 to 2024. “We are seeing in recent years that St Ives is being seen by buyers as a desirable place to live, with many new homes and units obtaining premium prices as a result.”

property sales graph
Sales Chart from Asset Realty

He continued, "St Ives has performed in line with neighbouring suburbs with a median house price of $3,080,000 as of March 2024," he says. "Being in a downsizers’ hub, we have seen median prices for units soar to $1,020,000, the second highest below Pymble. All in all, St Ives is tracking above expectations, compared to neighbouring suburbs."

Looking ahead, Asset predicts a buyer’s market for the remainder of 2024. "Qualified buyers have a choice for premium homes on the market," Ari explains. "With interest rates still on hold from post-COVID rate hikes, and cost-of-living pressures impacting household budgets, a lot of buyers are staying put. This leaves qualified buyers in a slight hand of power with reduced competition when negotiating to acquire their dream home."

Selling Your Home: First Steps

When it comes to selling your home, Asset advises, "Don’t ask a real estate agent to appraise your property immediately. Protect yourself from underselling by getting to know your home first. Understand your planning restrictions, the condition of your home, and make necessary updates. When you know your property and can gauge the buyer profile, then it’s time to invite the right agent to appraise."

real estate agent in St Ives
Ari Akbarian from Asset Realty

Their extensive experience and commitment to understanding both the market and the needs of their clients have made Asset Realty a trusted name in St Ives and the greater North Shore area. As they continue to grow and adapt to the changing real estate landscape, their dedication to their community and industry-leading service remains steadfast.

Asset Realty
200-204 Mona Vale Road St Ives NSW 2075
T: 9449 8228
F: 9418 2958


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