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Darlo Darlings, Founder Interview

Mike Galvin, vice president of Surry Hills Creative Precinct, spoke to 2010 magazine about Darlo Darlings, the Darlinghurst (and Surry Hills)-based community organisation he founded.

Darlo Darlings founder Mike Galvin

Interview - Darlo Darlings Founder Mike Galvin

So, how did it start and what is it about?

“I started Darlo Darlings in April 2018 with the mission to create an inclusive, neighbourly and positive place for residents and business owners from Postcode 2010 to connect.

What events does Darlo Darlings provide?

“The events are aimed at bringing locals together,” Galvin explained, “and highlighting local businesses and the charities we support, including Rough Edges for our homeless and marginalised community and The Girls & Boys Brigade, for our marginalised youth.

How many people are now involved in the community?

“Darlo Darlings has around 6,000 members,”

Is Darlo Pantry literally operated from a kerbside?

“The pantry was born from the need created by essential services for the homeless closing down. The concept was that residents could bring items from home, or pick up a few extra things at the supermarket, and place them on the shelf for people in need.

Darlo Pantry was a huge success and helped so many people, not just our homeless, but also locals who had lost their jobs during Covid. As essential services started to resume, the pantry continued for some time, and around October 2020, we decided to alter the concept from a kerbside service, to a mobile service, utilising the One Meal Makes a Difference giving-table on Saturdays at Green Park in Darlinghurst.

What activities have you planned for the future?

“It’s an exciting year for Darlo Darlings; we have resumed our in-person events, and have a great calendar of events planned. We will also be resuming our Darlo Gaol Tours at the National Art School, as well as creating new experiences that bring people together and make living in Postcode 2010 an even more enjoyable experience.”


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