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Artist Natasha Chabadova Paints Whale Spirits

Natasha Chabadova’s art on the cover of this issue of Neighbourhood Media speaks to her travel and spiritually-inspired art background. Titled Spirit Reunion, and from her Cenote Collection, it shows humpback and shark whale spirits uniting, and invites viewers to dive into their inner worlds and experience release.

Natasha Chabadova painting of whales

Chabadova wants readers to look and “see the magical world [and] feelings of liberation and curiosity. The whales trust the process of life, even though they may lead to the unknown. The act of dreaming, travelling, jumping, flowing whales and hanging plants symbolises this feeling of release, ease, exhale and liberation all people need to live a harmonious life.”

After living in Dee Why over the past four years, Chabadova is currently visiting family in Slovakia with plans for a group exhibition with her mum on the theme of cenotes (underground caves sacred to the ancient Maya).

Natasha Chabadova Travels

“I started to paint cenotes many years ago inspired by my travels around Mexico, Yucatan,” Chabadova shares. “When I moved to Australia and lived in Cairns, the whale migration season had started, and I created a very dreamy cenote reversed painting with three different whales.”

Natasha Chabadova abstract

“I paint these mystical places in dreamlike abstracts and realistic forms,” she says. Recently, her painting Cenote Whale Constellation was selected to feature as a mural on a famous sea wall in Bondi Beach, which visitors can visit until later this year.

Chabadova found her passion for art, culture and travel at a young age. She hosted her first exhibition at 19 in her Slovakian hometown before continuing to exhibit in other cities around the country. Her paintings began to be purchased worldwide, “It made me so happy when I reached the first 100 sold paintings.”

“Visiting different countries, seeing world galleries and at the same time exhibiting and selling my artworks was a dream that gradually turned into reality,” Chabadova shares, “I have travelled to several countries, of which I was particularly interested in Mexico and Australia, where I draw inspiration when painting to this day.”

Natasha Chabadova street art

“Every technique I tried, and every country/landscape I saw, gave me new impulses and ideas that shaped my style. Painting straight on canvas feels free and relaxing, like swimming in the ocean.”

NatashaArt Studio

Over the years, she started "NatashaArt,” which evolved into a creative space and studio alongside a brand name to sell her work under. She adds, “My creative process can never miss good music and a cup of coffee.”

When Chabadova relocated to the Northern Beaches, she had a desire to introduce art and music to balance a culture oriented toward outdoor activities and sports. She started supporting younger generations through art and music education, which developed into a variety of art workshops and sound healing therapies with guided meditations helping adults and children in their path of self-discovery, self-development and harmony.

Natasha Chabadova art showing waves

“Some very special events included art and sound healing retreats, which were a combination of sound healing with various healing instruments, exploring art, spirituality, beauty, relaxation and a healthy lifestyle focused on the four elements (fire, air, water, earth). I also enjoy holding sound healing events on various beaches in Australia.”

“I am very happy to see change,” she says on noticing more art and music classes and events on the rise in the Northern Beaches. “My teachings are all about inspiring others and myself, so when I see my clients and students becoming sound healers or focusing more on creating art, it feels like my mission was successful.”

For aspiring artists, Chabadova encourages them to “be true and free to express themselves and their work. Artists should always follow their inner calling, inner essence and pay attention to their intuition.”

Natasha Chabadova seashore art piece

Chabadova closed her Sydney studio before returning home to Slovakia, but she hints at a potential new studio in a different location upon her return to Australia. In the meantime, she encourages readers to engage with a guided meditation accompanying her cover art on her YouTube @Chabadovaart2387.

She looks forward to unveiling her new works currently in progress while she’s based in Europe.

To stay updated with Chabadova’s ventures, visit her website at or follow her on YouTube at @magic.missioner.


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