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The Dee Why Diamond Mine!

Lisa Novak, voted Australia’s Most Innovative Person in Real Estate in 2020, has seen a huge shift in the demand for property in Dee Why over the past few years, and she shares with us her thoughts on why this is happening.

In Lisa’s words, it wasn't that long ago that Dee Why was considered the poor cousin of the Northern Beaches, with buyers regularly turning their nose up to the suburb. But all this has changed and with a huge influx of out-of-area buyers coming from the Eastern Suburbs and Lower North Shore, combined with a cosmopolitan facelift, Dee Why is fast becoming the ‘it’ suburb.

It’s not just the stunning headlands and coastal walks that make it appealing. This buzzing beachside community has it all: lifestyle and convenience to shops and public transport. Two things that, in these COVID times, residents have learned are absolutely essential.

COVID has not only brought about this change in attitude towards what's important when house hunting from external suburbs, but also from within the community. It wasn't that long ago that some residents were up in arms about the Meriton four tower lighthouse development in the town centre. Views have now shifted to support this development as a welcome community hub with a relaxed atmosphere that better suits our new views on lifestyle.

The government too has sponsored this shift that supports residents' views. The Strand for example, a 220-metre seaside strip between Oaks Avenue and Dee Why Parade, has seen developments to become what the council describes as a ‘safe, enjoyable and user-friendly area’, boasting shops, restaurants and stunning beach views.

The Strand has enjoyed a face lift, with wider footpaths, more seating, and one-way access for vehicles, fostering this outdoor community living, which let's face it, we are all craving more of right now. It's all a part of the council's efforts to promote safe physical self-distancing, in harmony with exercise and essential travel, but it also makes Dee Why an attractive destination for city dwellers.

And with this change toward lifestyle and convenience, Lisa reveals property prices have skyrocketed in the area. In saying this, though, there is diversity in the market, whilst renters are still able to get into the area with options starting at $550/week.

For home buyers, Dee Why offers a wide choice ranging from older style to new houses and apartments, many with stunning waterside views at reasonable prices. But with a shift in mindset as buyers look for lifestyle and convenience, Lisa suggests you need to get in quick if you want to capitalise.

“In fact, the Northern Beaches is out-performing many other markets in Sydney,” Lisa revealed, “as proximity to the CBD is no longer a key selling point for properties, because people can now work remotely.”

So if you’re in the market for a property in the Northern beaches, it's worth jumping online and checking out Lisa’s social media pages. It’s a quick and fast moving industry, but at least you know that with Lisa Novak, you will get first access to the newest properties.

Lisa Novak


W Insta @Lisanovak_novakproperties


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