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Sydney Seafood School’s Summer 2022/23 Line-up

Spring saw the launch of the Sydney Fish Market’s newest set of classes: The Sundowner Sessions. The classes offered a different approach to the usual hands-on cooking experiences, allowing attendees to enjoy a drink and canapes before observing a demonstration from one of the world-renowned culinary experts. This is followed by the best part, the tasting!

After an uber-successful first season, both the Sundowner Sessions and fan-favourite hands-on classes are back in an exciting new schedule of Summer classes — and boy is this lineup a doozy! The classic hands-on classes are still being offered: Seafood BBQ, Spanish Paella, BBQ Master and Singapore Chilli Mud Crab, but there are some exciting new changes. The original Italian Seafood Favourites is now Summer Italian — swapping a hearty risotto for a fresh seafood pasta + Caprese salad. The Seafood Basics class now comes in two versions: Seafood Essentials and Seafood Specialists. Of course, the latter is a progression of Class 1 so it’s a good idea to choose based on your skill level!

There is an all-star line-up of guest chefs this season, kicking things off with Sean Connolly’s Christmas (December 8, $125). Grab a four pillars G&T or a glass of bubbles and prepare yourself for a complete rundown on fuss-free summer entertaining. Next up is Karen Martini (February 11, $250). Chef, restaurateur, writer, television presenter, author, and award-winner — her resume is a long and inspiring read. Most impressive of all, however, is her ability to distil a lifetime of cooking, eating, and learning about food into easy-to-understand nuggets of gold that anyone can implement at home.

Another stand-out class in 2023 comes on February 16th ($160): a class with Alex Stollznow, Sydney Fish Markets tour guide and resident TikTok Star. He’s a passionate fisherman and has been cooking fish for most of his life, so anything he doesn’t know about seafood is probably not worth knowing!

There are a heap of other classes available throughout the year — jump on the website to see the full line-up!


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