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St Ives’ Hidden Agricultural Oasis

It’s a little-known fact that nestled in the southern corner of St Ives is 8 acres of land that has seemingly been untouched by time! Mimicking the orchards and rural properties from the 1960’s, Rosedale Farm is still home to over 8 horses, including 2 mini-ponies, some chickens and a couple of beehives.

We spoke with Mike and Jenny, who have had the property in their family since 1977, when it was all rolling green hills (and a stark lack of pesky privet trees!). It’s believed that previously, the Victa Lawn Mowers family owned the property, and, prior to them, the family behind Farley & Lewers pink cement trucks.

The property has been used for horse agistment since before the current owners purchased the land. Jenny, previously living in a house on the far side of the property, fondly remembers the days she could wander out her back door and see her pony, Milly, in the stable adjacent to the backyard - what a dream!

Unfortunately, due to land-tax impositions, Mike and Jenny have been forced to sell the land for development. However, they are fully committed to ensuring the outcome of this little slice of paradise will be something that the local community are proud of, and something that continues to support the local environment.

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Oct 22, 2023

So sad the greedy government forced this beautiful place to be sold. Now It’s been turned into another ugly housing development, what happened to the ex racehorses who were buried in the orchard? Legends such as Mummify, Scolaci and Poetic King? I hope they were treated with respect. This makes me sad.

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