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Plant-Powered Dining at Yuli's

It’s no secret that plant-based food is having a resurgence right now. Not only are many people seeing the health and environmental benefits of eating less meat and dairy, but with restaurants like Yulli’s concocting incredible dishes featuring vegetables in ways you’ve never tried before, plants have never tasted so good!

Yuli's restaurant dish

Yuli's Restaurant in Surry Hills

Since 2008, Yulli's restaurant has been a favourite fixture in Surry Hills, serving delicious and innovative vegetarian dishes alongside tasty cocktails, local wines and housemade craft beer and cider from their brewery in Alexandria, Yulli's Brews. Now 100% vegan, the restaurant also offers many gluten-free options and caters for a number of different allergies and dietary requirements.

With a fusion menu that’s designed to share, the dishes take inspiration from South-East Asian and Mediterranean cuisines and include scrumptious delights that even non-vegans will devour. Examples include: edamame and coconut money bags, crispy wasabi cauliflower, zucchini flowers with beetroot and truffle cream, tofu san choy bow, Korean fried broccolini, and, for dessert, sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and housemade coconut ice cream.

Whether you’re dining on a banquet feast with a crowd of mates or relaxing with a cocktail or two, the laid-back warm atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for lunch or an evening get-together. A huge supporter of the arts, Yulli’s is also known for hosting live jazz nights and other events, so be sure to keep an eye out for what’s on and best book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Patrons enjoy Yuli's restaurant in Surry Hills

With restaurants like Yulli’s its obvious that plant-based food is not a fad, it’s delicious and here to stay.

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