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Palm Beach Candle and Fragance Collection

A stunning collection of fragrances and candles, inspired by the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

We caught up with Kirsten Walker, the Founder of Palm Beach Collection, to find out her inspiration for their amazing range of candles and fragrances.

Who is the inspiration behind Palm Beach Collection?

"It’s more of a “Where?”. We draw inspiration for our products from our home, the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Growing up by the sea in Palm Beach has inspired us to create a nostalgic collection of scents for our products."

What makes Palm Beach unique?

"When starting out, we didn’t want to be just another candle brand so we worked on the idea of bringing the Palm Beach lifestyle to life via home fragrances. We wanted customers to buy our product and each time they use it, be reminded of the area. Even if people hadn’t visited Palm Beach or weren’t familiar with the Northern Beaches of Sydney, we knew the scents were so powerful that it still would create an idea of the beach lifestyle for people. To survive in business, you have to have a story and a point of difference."

"Our ingredients are sourced sustainably from all over the world and also Australia."

What are your most popular products? "Our customers are really supportive of all our products, but I think the way scent is delivered through a person’s home is pretty subjective. Some people love burning a candle, some prefer the Reed Diffusers or even our new Essential Oil Blends and Aromatherapy Diffusers. Overall we are most famous for our standard 420g candle with the top fragrances Coconut & Lime, Clove & Sandalwood and Sea Salt. They are such a gorgeous luxury item that always makes such a fantastic gift!"

What's the Wellness Collection about?

"Our Wellness Collection was inspired by the importance of self-care. We wanted this collection to inspire people to slow down and embrace a slower living. The 3 unique fragrances are a subtle blend of natural essential oils that are useful to refresh, revive and uplift."

Are there any new products/fragrances in the pipeline? "We have some exciting new products being released soon! A summer inspired limited edition candle is in the works, as well as a redesign of our beloved deluxe candle and our scented hydrating hand creams."

Where can our readers find your products?

"You can find the whole collection

Our stockists are also listed on our website"


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