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Northside Montessori Parent and Toddler Program

The Northside Montessori Parent and Toddler Program is a beautiful way for parents to bond with their young children while fostering a love of learning.

Northside Montessori Parent and Toddler Program

The program provides toddlers with a safe and nurturing environment to explore and discover their world. With the guidance of a trained educator. Making friends in our Montessori toddler group can be a fun and exciting experience for both children and parents.

Attending the Northside Montessori Schools toddler program is a great way to help your child build connections. Consistency can help your child feel more comfortable and familiar with the other children and the environment. It will also encourage your child to participate in group activities, like circle time or art projects, which is an excellent way for your child to interact with others and develop friendships.

Finally, the Northside Montessori Toddler program encourages your child to be kind to others and allows them to make their own choices to develop their skills and abilities. With trained Montessori educators, parents can learn how to support their child's natural curiosity and encourage their development. From sensory exploration and language development to socialisation and independence, the Northside Montessori School Parent Toddler Program offers a wide range of activities and experiences tailored to each child's needs. Whether you are a first-time parent or an experienced caregiver, this program can help you build a strong foundation for your child's future success.

Why Northside Montessori School?

Northside children are inspired to learn, to share, to create, to help, to try new things, and to know more – foundational elements to any child’s development.

The Northside campus in Pymble is a culturally diverse and non-denominational preschool, primary and secondary school – supporting children from their earliest stages of growth.

Northside guides using Montessori approaches and engages your child’s natural desire to learn, delivering the NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA) K-10 Curriculum as well as the outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework

Northside Montessori School is a supportive community and school environment that will provide inspiring opportunities for your child.

To learn more about Northside Montessori School, head to our website or email Bec (Registrar) at


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